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Through workshops and seminars the Education Academy maps the kaleidoscopic field of architectural education in Europe and globally. The aim is to identify concepts regarding the intentions and position of architecture education, as well as conditions, circumstances and challenges faced by institutions and educators. Throughout these workshops and seminars, the Education Academy is seeking to ensure diversity, rigour and responsiveness within architectural education and to form an open and collegiate community.

“The workshops take place twice a year, one in autumn, and one in spring – and are hosted by member schools”.

From autumn 2019 onwards, the EAAE Education Academy launches a new series of five workshops dedicated to the EAAE  position paper “Principles and Practices of Architectural Education” . In each of these workshops, the participants will explore and discuss one of the five core topics of this position paper – topics that during the past two years the EAAE community has identified as burning issues in architectural education.”

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