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WORKSHOP by: EAAE Education Academy. Published: March 3, 2020.

Education Academy Workshop, 23.04.2021

2/5 – architectural education and research practice: resonating fields

The EAAE Education Academy invites architecture educators, students and university administrators, policy makers, research institutions and researchers, funding agencies, professional bodies and architectural practices that are committed to education in architecture and in related disciplines to discuss and deepen its position paper Principles and Practices of Architectural Education. To do so, the EAAE Education Academy launches a new series of five workshops, from autumn 2019 till autumn 2021.
This second workshop – “Resonating fields” – states that architectural research practice stands in the forefront of societal and environmental urge and demands, and invites all participants for reflection and speculation about the following three questions:
The main goal of architectural education is not to deliver scientific researchers. What then, are the rationales behind establishing close connections between research and teaching? When, and under which circumstances are close connections with research practice edifying for the student? Which skills, competences and dispositions are developed by this entanglement of research and teaching? Which qualities does the practice of research bring to the development of design learning ?
Can the design studio become a place of research in itself? When and under which conditions is the design studio a privileged site, where the inquisitive studio tutor is able to experiment in a way that cannot be done in professional practice, nor in more traditional scientific research settings? When and how does the design studio lead to the emergence of both new insights for the student, and new ideas for society and how do they manifest themselves?
Which drivers determine the research agenda of an institution? Which drivers determine the agenda of the studio assignment? Which measures can be taken to ensure that both research practice and architectural education effectively become resonating fields?


About the EAAE EA Position Paper
The position paper “Principles and Practices of Architectural Education” is intended as a reference document for all actors involved in production and care for the built and unbuilt environment. It responds to the ongoing changes within society that affect the architectural profession as well as architectural education and research.
The paper declares the principles for the development of a vibrant, internationally recognized, qualitatively outstanding and well-grounded architectural education and research, in order to lead to a well-informed professional practice. The statements of the position paper are open to discussion. As such, the paper is a source of inspiration, dialogue and exchange concerning the future curriculum and pedagogy of architectural education.
The paper contains five chapters, each focusing on one part within architectural education (AE). The first chapter, “What can architectural education do and for whom” (1) clarifies the potential societal meaning of AE graduates in the current-day world. Chapter two focuses on the “conditions under which AE can flourish” (2), hence defining the role of the design studio around which all curricula orbit.
The last three chapters clear up the interlinked connection between AE and design practice. “Teaching-through-design” (3) primarily determines teaching architecture as a practice in itself, requiring a pedagogy of playful anticipatory imagination. “Mutual learning” (4) then explains the reciprocity between practice and academia, which is to be assured by including practitioner educators and equalling professional merit to academic qualification. “Resonating fields” (5), the last chapter, clarifies to role and conceptualisation of research, that is to be understood as the common quest in which both the students and teachers are engaged in, thus defining the architectural design studios and by extension AE as a whole, as a place of research in itself.
invitation for participation and call for trigger papers

Call for trigger videos and invitation for participation 
The workshop will be framed round a limited but thought-provoking selection of position
statements and presentations of practices that are able to trigger the discussion.
Educators (and) architects, but also students, policy makers, representatives of professional
bodies, chambers of architects, construction industry or creative sectors, are invited to send a
proposal for a short presentation (10’). Send an abstract of 100 words (max) and graphic
material and a short video mp4 file where you speak about your approach to before Wednesday 14 April 2021. Selection will be communicated on Friday 16 April 2021.
→ Presentation title
→ A video of 1 minute max in mp4 format or through a youtube link
→ A short, written description (max. 100 words)
→ Descriptive biography presenter(s) (max. 300 words)
→ Contact details

Invitation for participation
Unlike many other academic conferences and seminars, the EAAE EA workshops do not consist of
presentations, papers or videos only. The workshops operate through working sessions based
upon intensive debate among all participants in smaller groups. Therefore we need more voices
and thoughts. The Education Academy aims to be a platform and think-tank where concerns and
best-practices all across Europe can be shared. We thus invite each architectural educator within
the community of the EAAE to join the workshop and participate in the debate, particularly also
without submitting a video.

The outcomes of the workshop
The workshop aims to make clear statements about the potentials of intertwining architectural
research practice and architectural education, and how to reach them.

Participation is free, but registration is obligatory. It can be done through this link.
For any questions related to practicalities and organization of the workshop contact Riva Lava
( For any questions related to registration and the content of this
workshop, or the EAAE Education Academy in general, contact
Certificates of attendance are available on request.

Call launch: Tuesday 1 April, 2021
Submissions in: Wednesday 14 April, 2021
Notification of selection: Friday 16 April, 2021

Friday 23 April, 14pm-17pm


14:00h welcome and introduction (Johan De Walsche)

14:20h introduction to the interactive Miro-board (Michela Barosio)

14:30h session 1: three key presentations + discussion (moderator Mia Roth)

  • Gennaro Postiglione : ResearchbyDesign-studio
  • Ana Paula Rainha: The Search for Research
  • Dulmini Perera: Framing to Reframe: Rethinking the role of “meta-learning” in graduate architectural design research

15:10h break

15:20h session 2: three key presentations + discussion (moderator Dag Boutsen)

  • Christina Panayi-Nadia Charalambous: The Design Studio: bridging research, pedagogy and society
  • Adrian Lo-Eliza Shrestha: Newari Cultural Centre: Inquiry-based Pedagogy integrating Culture and Traditions into the Design of Public Space in Nepal
  • James Burch, Andy Bourne, Aine Moriarty, Elena Marco, Charles Drozynski, and Yahya Lavaf-Pour: The COVID-19 External Studio: can this blended learning model be the future of an agile architectural-studio?

16:00h interactive session on Miro-board

16:30h wrap up (Michela Barosio)

17:00h end


The workshop will take place online. The link will be sent to registered users.

EAAE Education workshop working group
Michela Barosio (Politecnico di Torino) Dag Boutsen (Faculty of Architecture – KULeuven)
Johan De Walsche (EA main coordinator – University of Antwerp)
Riva Lava (NTUA School of Architecture – Athens)
Mia Roth Cerina (Faculty of Architecture – University of Zagreb)
Carla Sentieri Omarrementeria (UPV València)


April 23, 2021