Why become a member

Participate in a network of 100+ schools
Receive information on EAAE events
Get reduced fees to EAAE conferences and workshops
Your school will appear as a member on the EAAE map of European Schools of Architecture
Promote school events and job opportunities through EAAE media channels

Why become a member

Over 40 years EAAE has been both a platform and a lobbying organisation for sharing ideas, concept and knowledge about architecture education and research. From a membership in EAAE, you can profit in many ways:

  • At our congresses, seminars and events - always hosted by one of our member schools - you meet many fellow educators, researchers and school managers and gain access to a vast professional network.
  • By sharing good practices, inspiring ideas and triggering concepts on all matters concerning the education of architects.
  • Through the possibility of building up teams or finding partners for funded research projects, with the EAAE willing to act as an associate partner supporting you in these endeavours.
  • By joining in either of our two academies - the Education Academy and the Research Academy - who are actively increasing the quality of teaching architecture and the validity and depth of architectural research.
  • By getting involved in our Conservation Network, connecting you to leading scholars and educators from many nations and cultures.

In addition to this, we collaborate with significant international partners such as ACE, ACSA, ARCC, ELIA and the Mies van der Rohe Foundation. Such alliances offer EAAE members an expanded range of possibilities for project cooperation, exchange, dissemination and impact.

Admission procedure

There are three ways to become a EAAE member:

Full member: for European schools or institutions delivering a diploma of architect that is recognized either by the state or by the professional organization ruling the access to the profession in the home country.

Associated institutional member: for schools of architecture not fulfilling above requirements or institutions willing to join the Association.

Associated individual member: for individuals who are involved in teaching architecture either through their profession or in their duties, in Europe or abroad, active in one of the bodies of the EAAE at the moment of the application, who cannot register on behalf of a school or an institution.

If you or your school would like to become a full EAAE member, please fill out the form on the link below.



If you would like to register as an Associated member (individual or institutional), please contact the EAAE secretariat ( instead of filling out this form.