Statutes and Policy Papers

EAAE Statutes

Statute is the basic document of the European Association for Architectural Education. It declares the Association’s purpose and defines its functioning, including the roles and responsibilities of its bodies and members.

EAAE Charter on Architectural Research

The EAAE Charter on Architectural Research is intended as a reference document for the use of universities, architecture schools, research institutions, funding agencies, professional bodies and architectural practices that are undertaking architectural research. It specifies the character and objectives of architectural research, confirms the variety of valid methodologies and supports the development of a vibrant, internationally recognized and well-funded research community.

Supported documents

European League of the Institutes of the Arts (ELIA)
December 2016
AEC, Cilect / GEECT, Culture Action Europe, Cumulus, EAAE, ELIA, Cumulus, EAAE, ELIA EPARM EQ-ARTS, MusiQuE and SAR
June 2020
The European Commission
November 2020