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WORKSHOP by: EAAE Education Academy. Published: March 3, 2020.

Education Academy teachers training course: Teaching Through Thresholds, Oslo 22.04.2021

Teaching and learning as transformative process

The transition from pre-architect studies to become an architect student represent for many a threshold that challenge their ways of seeing and their ways of learning. More than just attending lectures, reading and doing assignments, it is process of meaning-making and identity transformation (Thompson, 2019; Cuff, 1991).

This situation of being IN-BETWEEN, of letting go of old ways without established new points of orientation, is often described in contractionary terms like frightening, frustrating, challenging, inspiring and joyful. This experience of LIMINALITY is a typical response to existential transitions and a natural part of a transformative process (Land, 2016; Thomassen, 2015).

Acknowledging and supporting such processes challenge the teacher in new ways. Teaching through thresholds is not a master – apprentice relationship, but more like being a guide in a landscape with few fixed points, always new and old at the same time.

The course will provide perspectives on transformative learning and the role of the teacher in such a pedagogic context. Responses to liminality, both through spatial expressions and written reflections by students form NTNU will be shared, as well as examples of transformative shifts in some students’ learning trajectory. Discussions and sharing of the participants own experiences with transformative learning processes will provide important input.

Bjørn Otto Braaten, Leif Martin Hokstad


Braaten, Bjørn Otto, Hokstad, Leif Martin (2018) “The Challenging Journey. Transformative Learning in Architectural Education”. In “FORMATION. Architectural Education in a Nordic Perspective”. NBAA 2018.

Cuff, Dana (1991) “Architecture: The story of a practice”. Cambridge MA, MIT Press.

Land, Ray (2016) “Toil and Trouble. Threshold Concepts as a Pedagogy of Uncertainty”. In “Threshold Concepts in Practice” Ed. Land, Meyer and Flanagan. Sense Publishers. Rotterdam.

Thomassen, Bjørn (2016) “Liminality and the Modern. Living Through the In-Between”. Routledge, New York. ISBN 9781315592435 (ebk)

Thompson, James (2019) “Narratives of Architectural Education. From Student to Architect”. Routledge, London and New York 2019. ISBN 978-0-8153-5881-7



09.15-10.00     Introduction: brief presentation of

– the program for the day

– TRANSark

– the participants

10.00-11.00     “Aspects of teaching and learning as transformative processes – revisiting the role of the teacher.”

Leif Martin focus on the transformative processes of learning and how this involves a challenge for the teacher.

11.00-11.20     Three questions to the tables (3-4 persons at each table)

11.20-12.00     Sharing of experiences, questions and discussion related to Leif Martin’s talk.

12.00-13.00     Lunch

13.00-14.00     “Spatial response to liminality in first semester architect students design work”.

Bjørn Otto talks about his research on transformative learning processes at NTNU

14.00-14.20     Three questions to the tables

14.20-15.00     Sharing of experiences, questions and discussion related to Bjørn Otto’s talk.

15.00-15.30     Summary of the day. End comments. Further perspectives on TtT.

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REGISTRATION link opens soon

The training will be held with a minimum amount of 12 participants; the total number of participants is limited to 24. Therefore registration for the workshop is obligatory and can be done through this link. After registration availability of places will be checked, and you will be contacted with the request to pay the sum of 150 EUR at BE28 7360 6355 9720 with the message “EAAE EA Teaching the Teachers – OSLO”.

Certificates of participation will be available on request.




Organisation and venue 

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Suggestions for hotels and hostels, nearby the venue: soon at the website.


The AHO will provide drinks at mid-afternoon, and the mid-morning break.

All participants are invited for a meal on the Wednesday evening, with advance reservations, and to be paid for by each participant (about 40€, to be paid on the evening itself).



 Ole Gustavsen (dean of AHO – host)

Ulrika Herlofsen (AHO – host)

Bjørn Otto Braaten (Faculty of Architecture, NTNU Trondheim)

Leif Martin Hokstad (Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences, NTNU Trondheim)

 EAAE Education Teaching the Teachers working group

Cecilie Andersson (BAS, Bergen)

Pnina Avidar (Fontys, Tilburg)

Dag Boutsen (Faculty of Architecture, KULeuven)

Johan De Walsche (Faculty of Design Sciences, University of Antwerp)

Massimo Santanicchia (Iceland University of the Arts)


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April 22, 2021


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