Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU
Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art
Trondheim, NO
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU
Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art
Alfred Getz vei 3,
7491 Trondheim

N 63° 25' 1.83'', E 63° 25' 1.83''
 Student Administration  

t: + 47 73550275
Prof.  Fredrik Shetelig 
Dean of School
Degree programmes
Bachelor of Fine Art.
Master of Architecture
Master of Physical Planning
Master of Urban Ecological Planning
Master of Real Estate and Facility Management
Master of Fine Art
MSc Master of Sustainable Architecture
Master in Urban Sustainable Transitions
Faculty profile

The faculty of Architecture and Fine
Art is one of seven faculties at The
Norwegian University of Science and
Technology. The university is given a
special responsibility for both technology
and trans disciplinary education and
research. The faculties range form Arts,
Social Sciences, Medicine to Natural
Science and Technology.
Starting in 1910, the same time as the
polytechnical college of BNorway , the
school of Architecture is the largest and
oldest in Norway.

Urban – walking distance from city centre: 20 min.

640 students (270 Bachelor, 330 Master, 40 PhD), 15% of foreign students.

130 staff members (90 full-time and approx. 40 visiting lecturers and critics).

Student Activities

NTNU Office of International Relations
Telephone: +47 73595700

NTNU Student Office
Telephone: +47 73 59 52 00

Student association (architecture): ALF


3D point measurement
CAD - Lab
Computing service
Conference auditorium
Documentation center CEDAT (catalogues, data files, CD-Romes, video-discs)
Energy Lab
Exhibition hall,
Extensivemodelling workshop
Laser Cutter
Light - Lab
Model shop
Model shop (LLN)
Painting studio
Plot centre
Sculpture studio
Serigraphy Lab
Structures Lab
Thermal Imaging


Students visiting as part of an exchange program will in most cases be given accommodation in one of our student villages.

Admission Requirements

For Bachelor degree’s: diploma of higher secondary education.
For Master degree’s:3 years of full time architectural studies at university level.

Tuition fees

Free for exchange students who have paid tuition at their home institution.

Application Deadline

Autumn term: 30. October. Spring term: 15. April. Applications to be sent as instructed on Webpage:

Bachelor of Fine Art., 3-year programme, Bachelor, 180,
Master of Architecture, 5-year programme, Master, 300,
Master of Physical Planning, 2-year programmes, Master, 120,
Master of Urban Ecological Planning, 2-year international programmes, Master, 120,
Master of Real Estate and Facility Management, 2-year programmes, Master, 120,
Master of Fine Art, 2-year international programmes, Master, 120,
MSc Master of Sustainable Architecture, 2-year international programmes, MSc, 120,
Master in Urban Sustainable Transitions, 2-year international programmes, Master, 120,

The first three years of the five year masters program is focusing on problem based design work in the studios.Parallel to the project classes, theoretical, analytical and practical classes are taught, as support for the creative process.

After the first 3 years the student can specialize in the following areas: -Planning buildings and building environment for trade and industry, public institutions, housing and more. Form and function, creative process and planning methodology. -Technical and economical sides by the architecture profession. Building techniques, technical installations, building economics, building administration and computer techniques. -Drawing, plastic form, use of colour and esthetical communication. -The history and theory of architecture. Protection renewal and improving buildings and building environment. -City planning, shaping of the city and densely populated areas.