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WORKSHOP by: EAAE Education Academy. Published: December 18, 2020.

Remote Teaching Workshops

The EAAE Education Academy launches a new series of three workshops focused on architectural design remote teaching issues.

WS 1. 05.02.21, 2pm to 5pm CET (GMT+1) – Remote entry: First year experience

(Moderator Michela Barosio)

WS 2. 05.03.21 Working alone, together: Organizing Group work

(Moderators Mia Roth-Čerina)

WS 3. 02.04.21 Judging from a distance: Final Jury and assessment

(Moderator Patrick Flynn)

Registration is free and the workshop is open, register here (link)


WS 2. Working alone, together

The design studio is the backbone of architectural education, the defining origin of its identity and culture. The trajectories of relations, hierarchies, tools and places define the specific studio culture of a school, reflecting the values it cultivates. While many of the topics dealt with in the studio have remained the same, the processes and energies comprising what we know as studio culture have dramatically changed.

With the removal of the participants from the common spatial setting, a new way of coming and working together has emerged. Between these different translations into the virtual, and the deconstruction of the interrelated aspects making up studio culture, we can look at them separately. How has the energy of studio community survived? Have the binding fibres also extended to interpersonal support in challenging times? How has this affected the teacher-student relationship? Have present hierarchies been challenged or have they deepened? Is the virtual studio an inclusive environment contemporary education aims to provide, or has it uncovered new layers of inequality? Is the free-thinking, ‘unregulated context’ of the studio – where exchange can be as much a result of a common task as it can be a result of spontaneous, serendipitous or haphazard encounters and observations – possible online, and if so, what modes of operation enable it? Finally, what shifts in content have emerged at its core?

Remote teaching has been a transformative experience. We look different at teaching now, and we look different at studio teaching as a commonly shared practice. How then, when we come back after this transformative experience of remote teaching, will we look at the spaces of the school building? How will we look different at working ‘together together’ after having worked ‘alone together’?

Call for trigger presentations and papers

We are looking for trigger case studies – examples of good practice from within architectural education, in which the author takes a position. The workshop will be framed around a limited but thought-provoking selection of such triggering contributions.

Educators (and) architects are invited to send a proposal for a short presentation (15’) to trigger the discussion. To take part in the first workshop, send an abstract of 250 words (max) and any graphic material to before Friday, February 26th, 2021. Selections will be communicated on Monday March 1st, 2021.

Invitation for participation

Unlike many other academic conferences and seminars, the EAAE EA workshops do not consist of paper presentations only. The workshops operate through working sessions based upon intensive debate among all participants in smaller groups. Therefore, we need more voices and thoughts than paper presentations. The Education Academy aims to be a platform and think-tank where concerns and best-practices all across Europe can be shared. We thus invite each architectural educator within the community of the EAAE to join the workshop and participate in the debate, also without submitting an abstract. While the workshop is open and the connection link will be posted just before the workshop, we would kindly ask anyone willing to participate as presenter or audience to register here

The outcome of the workshop

After the workshop, selected speakers will be asked to formalize their presentation in a paper of maximum of 4 pages including images, taking into consideration the workshop debate. The collected contributions will be published online through p.EA – the Platform of the Education Academy, and the collected papers as an e-book of the EAAE.

Organizing and scientific team

Johan De Walsche (EA main coordinator – University of Antwerp)

Michela Barosio (Politecnico di Torino)

Patrick Flynn (TU Dublin)

Mia Roth-Čerina (University of Zagreb)




 WS 1. Remote entry: First year experience

2021-02-05  |  

WS 2. Working alone, together: Organizing Group work

2021-03-05  |  

WS 3. Judging from a distance: Final Jury and assessment

2021-04-02  |  


Remote Teaching Workshops WS1.05.02.21

Schedule WS1


March 5, 2021


Registration is free and the workshop is open: