GENERAL ASSEMBLY by: EAAE. Published: May 24, 2024.

EAAE General Meeting (part 2) , 30.08.2024, Münster

EAAE General Meeting (part 2) , Friday 30.08.2024, 3.30 pm (CET), Münster

The General Meeting is the official and final part of the Annual Conference at the Münster School of Architecture on Friday at 3.30 pm.
Registration for the General Meeting is obligatory for all participants (also for online participation) and is additional to the Annual Conference registration.
For those attending online, a Zoom access link will be sent shortly beforehand.

Mind that the financial part (approval of the Annual Accounts and budget for 2025) of the General Meeting took place in Amsterdam in April. Find more information here.

This year elections of the president, vice president, one council member and re-elections of one council member will be part of the Meeting. Find the call for candidates here. Deadline for applications is Friday 12.07.2024.



Find the agenda here.


Only full members who have paid their annual contribution by 30 June 2024 have voting right at the General Meeting. Per member school only one official representative can be registered and participate in the Assembly. Associated members can participate but are not entitled to vote.
New members can register and will be eligible to vote after the approval of their membership in the GM.


Please register for the General Meeting, it is additional to the Annual Conference registration.


Each full member institution can be represented by a proxy holder who has to be the official representative of a full member institution. Each official representative can hold up to four proxies in addition to the vote of his/her own member institution. If you want to give proxy, please fill in the proxy form before 21 August 2024. Find the proxy form here.


Quorum is established by the participation or representation of one third of the full members at the General Meeting. Decisions are made by simple majority of the full members present or represented.

For questions, please contact


August 30, 2024


MSA, Münster