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WORKSHOP by:EAAE Education Academy.Published:October 26, 2018.

Call for Feedback for the “Education Academy Position Paper”


EAAE kindly asks you to send us your feedback regarding the new position paper of the Education Academy “PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES OF ARCHITECTURAL EDUCATION”.

Based upon the discussions that were held during recent workshops of the Education Academy, this position paper aims at formulating the shared ideas regarding architectural education. It attempts to demonstrate the scope and relevance of architectural education and to provide arguments to claim the space, time, attention and conditions it requires. As professional practices and fields of employment are rapidly transforming, responding to varying needs and conditions, EAAE opens up this document for feedback from all its members. This will lead to revision every three years, thus articulating the values for which the EAAE actually stands for.

The position paper can be accessed through this link.
Feedback on the paper is collected through an online form that can be accessed through this link.

Although the form will remain open for further entries, we will draw a first summary of reactions, comments and suggestions by 30 November in order to estimate the reception of the position paper.


2019-01-31  |  Deadline feedback