GENERAL ASSEMBLY by: EAAE. Published: January 16, 2018.

EAAE Annual Conference and General Assembly 2018 – Minutes online

“Design Studio as a laboratory for interactions between architectural education and society”

The EAAE collaborates with the Faculdade de Arquitectura at Universidade do Porto as the hosting institution for the EAAE General Assembly and Annual Conference 2018. The steering committee of the Council for the GA and AC 2018 works with the FAUP Faculty of Architecture – University of Porto to proceed with the next steps of the planning.


You can now download final agenda of the EAAE General Assembly 2018 in Porto.

You can now download the minutes of the General Assembly in Porto. 

You can now download EA presentationRA presentation and the presentation of the Conservation Network

You can now download the  proxy form / mandate to vote for the General Assembly.

FAUP • Faculty of Architecture – University of Porto.

FAUP is one of the most prestigious Portuguese institutions of education, research and innovation in Architecture. It is part of the University of Porto (U.Porto), located in Porto, Portugal’s second largest city, with a privileged location in the Northern coast of the country. The complex of buildings housing the FAUP, located in Pólo III (Campo Alegre), is one of the most emblematic creations of Professor Álvaro Siza, who was awarded with the Pritzker Prize 1992. The buildings, which were designed and built between 1985 and 1993, host many studios and classrooms, auditoriums, an exhibition gallery, administrative offices, a cafeteria, a bookshop and a library. FAUP Programmes include a Master in Architecture (MIARQ), the school’s generalist course, a PhD in Architecture and a selection of Advanced Studies Programmes in Architectural Projects and Heritage

About Porto – Portugal

Porto is one of the oldest cities of the country and, as such, its path is sinuous and picturesque. Located along the Douro river estuary in northern Portugal, Porto is also one of the oldest European centres. Porto’s Historical Centre was registered as World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996. The city is traditional and historical, but also contemporary, which can be seen in its streets, its monuments, its museums, and in icons such as “Serralves” or “Casa da Música”, with a regular agenda of music, art and sports.

Day 1



Day 2 – Morning Sessions

Day 2 – Afternoon sessions



Day 3 – Morning sessions

Day 3 – Afternoon sessions

Day 3 – Conference Dinner


The EAAE Annual Conference 2018 will be sponsored by VELUX.


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August 29, 2018


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