Research Academy Workshop (Research Academy)

WORKSHOP by: EAAE Research Academy. Published: May 4, 2018.

CA2RE – Research Conference: AARHUS

Aim: discussion about starting points for the ‘policy paper’ on doctoral training in architecture (doctoral work and its dissemination)

Main question addressed:

  • What are the research approaches, methods and modes of dissemination in relation to research relevance and potential impact, individual and collective, at different scales, levels, modes of togetherness?

30 workshop participants.

Mediators: Claus Peder Pedersen (Aarhus School of Architecture), Tadeja Zupančič (EAAE, Research Academy)

You are cordially invited to the Research Methods, Supervisory and Evaluator’s Training Session on Quality Criteria in Architectural Research Training coordinated by EAAE Research Academy.

The Architectural Research European Network Association (ARENA), the European Association for Architectural Education (EAAE) and the European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA) are seeking to offer a joint platform for research in all fields of architecture, design and arts. This includes subjects such as environmental design, sustainable development, interior design, landscape architecture, urban design/urbanism, music, performing arts, visual arts, product design, social design, interaction design, etc.

One of the objectives is to support early-career researchers, PhD students and Postdocs in the fields of architecture and the arts, and to improve the quality of their research. Another objective is to show that senior researchers CARE about the work that is being done by more junior researchers.

Conference April 2018CA²RE, the Conference for Artistic and Architectural (Doctoral) Research will be hosted in April 2018 at the Aarhus School of Architecture, in association with ARENA, EAAE and ELIA. CA2RE is intended to bring together senior staff and early-career researchers to improve research quality through an intensive peer review at key intermediate stages. It wishes to contribute to the open and diverse fields that exist in architectural and artistic research, not giving priority to any single approach.New and emerging fields of researchThe conference will support established research methods, but especially welcomes new and emerging fields such as research by design and artistic/creative practice. The aim is to create an international event in which early-career researchers, doctoral students and post-docs can present their research project to experienced researchers and have their work discussed by international panels in these diverse fields.The event will invite researchers, at whatever stage of their research, to meet and participate in two-way discussions. Above all, CA²RE wishes to offer a lively, diverse and inclusive environment that brings together young researchers within a multi-disciplinary setting.



April 13, 2018


Aarhus School of Architecture
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