Goals & Actions (Research Academy)

Through on-line talks, exhibitions, seminars, workshops, conferences and joint research projects, the Research Academy goals are:

  • Mapping the kaleidoscopic field of architectural research in Europe and globally;
  • Identifying concepts regarding the intentions and position of architecture research, and how they relate to the changing role and profession of the architect, especially when it comes to PhD education;
  • Develop contacts to ACE and EC in order to stimulate activities for architectural research;
  • Discussion and support doctoral supervisors in their endeavors;
  • Identifying conditions, circumstances and challenges faced by institutions and researchers, seeking to ensure diversity, rigour and responsiveness within architectural research;
  • Considering how best to gathering current information about our EAAE partners;
  • Identifying members who are or wish to be active in research and support them;
  • Forming an open and collegiate community – an academy for exchange on research;
  • Considering what actions and activities might best support the development of the Research Academy;
  • Considering how to engage with the missing component – the PhD student.