Istanbul Kultur University
Faculty of Architecture, Atakoy Campus
Istanbul, TR
Istanbul Kultur University
Faculty of Architecture, Atakoy Campus
E5 Freeway Bakirkoy 34156

N 40° 59' 32.65'', E 40° 59' 32.65''
 Neslihan Dostoğlu 
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Degree programmes

Our campus is on the E-5 motorway and is convenient to all sorts of public transportation like subway and public buses. Although it lies fifteen-minute walk away from Atatürk Airport and Bakırköy Sea Bus Terminal, it also is a metropolitan university which is surrounded by modern shopping centers.

453 students (438 Bachelor, 11 Master, 4 PhD), 0% of foreign students.

50 staff members (40 full-time and approx. 10 visiting lecturers and critics).

Student Activities

There are IKU services from İdo Bakırköy Sea Bus Terminal to all IKU campuses and also services between these campuses.


Architectural Model Lab
Building Material Lab
CAD - Lab
Computer Room
Conference auditorium
Exhibition hall,
Laser Cutter
Plot centre
Printing facilities
Theatre Hall


Our dormitories are located in Sirinevler Campus which is within a 15-minute-walking distance from Ataköy Campus. For those who do not fancy walking there is also a shuttle every 20 minutes. The dormitories are equipped with psychological consultancy units which help students adapt themselves to their new lives and overcome various problems as well. All the rooms are furnished with a bed, wardrobe, bedside table, desk, telephone and 24-hour Internet connection. Seats, hot and cold water dispensers, kitchen, showers (24-hour hot water) and toilets are available on every floor. Restrooms (satellite TVs), internet rooms, launderettes (free washing machines and tumble dry), studies, separate study halls with drawing tables for architecture students are also available.
There is also a kitchen for the common use of students on every floor.
The security of all dormitories is guaranteed by professional security guards 24 hours a day.
The capacity of dormitories is as follows: Dormitory for Boys: For 150 people in total 19 double rooms 12 rooms (for 3 people) 18 rooms (for 4 people) 4 single rooms for assistants and guests. Dormitory for Girls: For 105 people in total 15 double rooms 5 rooms (for 3 people) 15 rooms (for 4 people) Girls Hostel: 70 people in total. 10 single rooms 30 double rooms

Admission Requirements

125 students are accepted to Department of Architecture as a result of the Central Placement Exam carried out by OSYM. In the Central Placement, the applicants are placed in Department of Architecture by ÖSYM according to their LYS grades, their preference related with the higher education programs, and the quota and conditions of these programs.

Tuition fees

10,023.37 €

Application Deadline

July (Undergraduate), June & September (Graduate)

Undergraduate, Bachelor of Architecture, 4 years, Undergraduate, 240,
Graduate, Master of Science, 2 years, Graduate, 120,

Architectural Design, Architectural Design (without thesis), Architectural Engineering, History of Architecture and Restoration, Construction Management &Technology, Urban Design Programs.

Graduate, Architecture (PHD), 4 years, Graduate, 240,

Architectural education has a multi-dimensional character that ranges from design knowledge to technology; philosophy and art to economy and social dynamics to urban transformation. The education program at IKU Department of Architecture has a rich and diverse content, based on the awareness of these circumstances. lectures oriented towards professional specialization, usage of contemporary design tools nad gaining international experience with Erasmus Program are essential in this program. The main objective of this program is to train architects who can think freely, use their own initative, and follow up the developments in the contemporary world. IKU Department of Architecture, which is the first and only undergraduate architecture program at a foundation university that has been accredited, has proven the standard of its education system at an internaitonal level.

Bachelor of Architecture

Department of Architecture, which has a vision of becoming a contemporary, effective and examplary institution with national and international level of education and research, aims to educate civilized, contemporary, free, curious, creative, dynamic and couragous architects, who can compete in every environment and produce solutions for environmental problems in order to develop humanity, who can integrate their national identity with global values, and who are respectul for historical and environmental values, who can work for the benefit of the society, and respect ethical values, who are enriched with aesthetic values, and can follow and use the developing technology, and to contribute to the awareness and development of the society and to the improvement of the country by means of research, publications and practice, which have high scientific value.

Master of Science in Architectural Design

The purpose of the Architectural Design MArch Programme is to raise analytical individuals and architects that reflect deeply on themselves and their profession in the complex structure of the contemporary world.

Master of Science in Architectural Design (without thesis)

The purpose of the Architectural Design MArch (Non-Thesis) Programme is to raise analytical individuals and architects that reflect deeply on themselves and their profession in the complex structure of the contemporary world.

Master of Science in Architectural Engineering

IKU Master of Science in Architectural Engineering program in Department of Architecture targeted training of architects having necessary knowledge and skills, to integrate building super structure with the sub-systems, solving the problems encountered from design phase to construction and facility phase. In this program, it is aimed to train professional people having high technical expertise on service systems, structural systems etc. In a complex building, due to the importance of system interactions in building quality and performance, it is essential to use different systems (service systems, structural systems etc) efficiently and accurately and integrating within the systems. In this context it is expected from the architects having a professional role in the sector, being able to asses, select and integrate environmental factors and using these data in building design.

Master of Science in History of Architecture and Restoration

In our country with the rich history that has a special importance among all the others, protection of the education is undisputed. Wrong decisions and applications done without any quality in this concept are causing irreversible damages to culture items and the environment. Our program’s purpose is to resolve this deficiency and to give architects expert education about historical environment protection and structure. In the program, students are given information about; restoration concepts; modern protection principles; documentation of culture items; analysis and protection methods of traditional materials; traditional texturing systems and problems; national and international legal and organizational arrangements about protection subject; preparation of reuse, restoration, restitution, survey projects of historical structures; evaluation of historical environments; morphology and typology studies; site protection examples from Turkey and from the world; new structure approaches in the historical environment; improvement of protection and rehabilitation projects in the concept of these two different measurements of protection and at least two semester projects will be done by students. Project subjects should be chosen from Anatolia’s historical buildings and environments as possible, students meeting and working on different area properties outside of Istanbul is being aimed at. The program is also being enriched with common projects and workshops conducted at some universities in Europe, Istanbul and foreign countries and with conferences of local and international experts related to the subject. Students that complete their two semester courses can start their thesis study on their decided subjects with their teaching assistants.

Master of Science in Construction Management & Technology

Construction industry is expected not to remain out of technological and managerial changes/innovation and keep up with these improvements. In this context, it is necessary to develop conscious and professional approaches instead of ordinary processes and techniques in building production process. It is aimed to make architects gain high level of managerial and technical skills in Istanbul Kultur University, Department of Architecture, Master of Science in Construction Management and Technology Program. It is also essential for the architects of the program be competent on improvement in building technology and management.  For this reason, courses in this program were collectedin two basic knowledge areas as Construction Project Management and Construction Technology.

Master of Science in Urban Design

Over the last decades, there has been a great tendency in designing the cities via regeneration projects in Turkey as well as the cities in the world. No doubt this tendency reveals an opportunity for the architects and urban planners. Considering this opportunity, to empower the architects and planners with adequate knowledge to intervene urban space and to improve their ability of implementation with contemporary urban design method and techniques is the chief object of the MSc Program. Therefore, tracking the developments abroad by co-projects and workshops whilst setting up a ground for knowledge and skills on defining the problem and creating solutions are among the objectives of the Program.


Architecture (PHD)

PHD in Architecture is not only designed for specializing in a specific subject but also to attain an academic career with a research culture.Compulsory courses of the programme are for creating a mental research context. Elective courses are for the PHD candidate to improve himself or herself in the field he or she is interested in. PHD candidate is supported to specialize in his or her interest field in the architectural discipline context. Architecture PHD program offers students to do independent studies, comment on scientific events while explicating with a widely ranged point of view and determining the necessary steps for the new synthesis. Candidates who will fullfill all the requirements of the programme are expected either to innovate something, to develop a scientific method or to implement a pre-existing method on a new field.