CONFERENCE by: Istanbul Kultur University. Published: March 16, 2018.

Call for Papers: 1st Architectural Episodes

Focus Theme

The theme of the 1st AE’18 Conference follows the current educational pursuits and experiences focusing on methodologies, research and experiences in architectural education based on discussions related with whether architecture can be considered as an ‘applied science’, a ‘social science’ or an ‘applied social science’.

Schools of Architecture are not only training students for the real world of practice, but also providing an environment for a wide range of related and divergent fields of critical thinking. Students deal with the practice and theory of architecture through design studios, lectures and workshops at schools. The approaches to achieve this outcome have varied through the history of architectural education. For example, the present mission of universities in Turkey, in general, is to develop creative, responsible and innovative solutions to emerging global challenges. Education in universities is undertaken according to concepts such as innovation, entrepreneurism, research and development activities, research laboratories and corporate partners, patents and technological advances etc.

In this conference, contributors from various fields of architectural education in different parts of the world are expected to share their experiences, so that the process and outcomes of different approaches can be compared. We invite proposals for paper presentations and poster presentations addressing one of the following themes under the main topic of education:


  • Syllabus Design
  • Interdisciplinary Approaches
  • Educational Methods in Architecture as an Applied Science
  • Educational Methods in Architecture as a Social Science
  • Educational Methods in Architecture as an Applied Social Science
  • Paradigms for Design Studio Education/The Dilemma Between Fantasy and Reality
  • Educator as a Researcher in Architectural Education
  • Interaction between Social Context and Education
  • Design Thinking
  • Entrepreneurism in Design Education
  • Maker Laboratories in Design Education
  • Patents in Building Science
  • Relations with External Stakeholders
  • Visual Culture in Architectural Education
  • Collaboration with Industry
  • Collaboration with Community
  • Social Responsibility Projects and Participatory Practices


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2018-06-08  |  Deadline: Submission Abstract
2018-07-13  |  Notification of Acceptance/Rejection
2018-09-21  |  Deadline: Submission Full Paper
2018-10-01  |  Registration Deadline for Authors
2018-11-15  |  Conference date
2018-11-16  |  Conference date


November 15, 2018


Famagusta, North Cyprus