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Department of Architecture and Design (D.A.D.).
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Università di Genova
Department of Architecture and Design (D.A.D.).
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Prof. Arch. Niccolò Casiddu 
Head of Department
Degree programmes
Faculty profile

Architecture and Design Department in Genoa was founded in 1972 (Faculty of Architecture). Students may enroll in several programs of study that are all linked to the tradition of the former Faculty of Architecture now Department of Architecture and Design, as it is recognized all over Italy. A great attention is always given to the built, physical and cultural environment, in all its scales: from the buildings to the city, from the design of objects to the communication media, from the territory to the landscape, from the architectural and historic heritage to the design of new architectures.

The Architecture and Design Department is located on the hill of “Castello”, in the oldest part of the Genoese historical centre. Facing into the natural bay of the pre-Roman port, the hill was the location of the first historical settlements of Genoa and has witnessed the numerous transformations from the high-medieval period to the present day. Situated on the ruins of an ancient monastery and around the late-medieval nucleus of the bishop’s palace, the new school is based on a design originally conceived for the School of Humanities. The overall plan is by the architect Ignazio Gardella, who situated the block of his building on the foundations of the old churches. The new building was placed alongside the recovery and renovation of the oldest buildings of the monastery of San Silvestro, following the design of the engineer Luciano Grossi Bianchi. The intervention ended in 1990

2300 students (1023 Bachelor, 1232 Master, 45 PhD), 20% of foreign students.

115 staff members (63 full-time and approx. 52 visiting lecturers and critics).

Student Activities

“Nino Carboneri” library, with more than 50.000 titles and subscriptions to more than 180 periodicals, maps and final thesis archive. Computer center, fully equipped CAD and informative studio and laboratory (with N:46 workstation). MARSC, Laboratory of Analytic Methods for Building History and Restoration. Color Laboratory: Cts ColorLab –Culture Technology Science.


CAD - Lab


No accomodation is offered by the Department - see the web-site of the University of Genoa:

Admission Requirements

Secondary school diploma - National admission entry test, for Bachelor in  Science of Architecture - Local admission entry test, for Bachelor of Product and Nautical Design.

Local selection for all Masters and the Master-post-Master (School of Specialization) in Architectural Heritage and Landscape.

Tuition fees

3000 Euro (maximum) for regular full-time students

Application Deadline

Normally August – check :https://www.studenti.unige.it/tasse/

Bachelor, Bachelor, 3-year programme, Bachelor, 180,
  • Bachelor of Science in Architecture (Laurea)
  • Bachelor of Product and Nautical Design (Laurea)

Master, Master of Science, 2-year programme, Master, 120,
  • Master of Science (Laurea Magistrale) in: Architectural Composition
  • Master of Science (Laurea Magistrale) in: Architecture
  • Master of Science (Laurea Magistrale) in: Green spaces and landscape Design
  • Master of Science (Laurea Magistrale) in: Product and Event Design
  • Master of Science (Laurea Magistrale) in: Naval and Yacht Design


According to the last but not definitive national university reform, after Bologna declaration, a unique educational systems exists in Genoa, as in other Italian schools of architecture: 3-years Bachelor of Science programmes (the correspondent degree title is named “Laurea”). This system is actually articulated in the following study courses: Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Bachelor of Product and Yacht Design. Next, students may choose to continue their studies according to some 2-years Master of Science programme (the correspondent degree title is named “Laurea Magistrale”) in: 1) Architecture; 2) Green spaces and landscape Design; 3) Product and Event Design; 4) Naval and Yacht Design.

Bachelor Programmes

Bachelor of Science in Architecture (3-year programme) – 180 ECTS

The Course forms graduates able to operate in the planning and feasible processes of existing architecture and new construction, providing knowledge and expertise in the relief and diagnostic fields, materials technology and manufacturing processes, planning and execution of not complex architecture. The course includes three curricula: architecture, building engineering, landscape.

Bachelor of Product and Nautical Design (3-year programme) – 180 ECTS

Within two curricula, “Product and communication design” held in Genoa, and “Nautical design” held in La Spezia, the course covers all the contemporary issues connected to a basic training in Industrial and Product design, advertising and editorial graphics and the design of internal allocations and external lines of cruise ships, boats and yachts. The course aims to connect the designing moment to the production till the consumption, considering all the aesthetics, functional and environmental aspects. The course trains as well toward the development of visual artefacts, multimedia and interactive tools.

Master of Architectural Composition (2-year programme) – 120 ECTS

This new course will start in September 2022. The Master of Architectural Composition, held in English is addressed to Italian and foreign students interested to study and work in an international context. Deepening the Italian architectural design culture and focusing on the central role of Composition are the tools proposed to deal with the discipline of architecture: a complex discipline both because it changes every day but, at the same time, it has always been the same for thousands of years.

Master in Architecture (2-year programme) – 120 ECTS

The characteristics of the course meet the 11 points of the CEE Directive 384, which rules studies in this field. In particular, graduates of Master in Architecture must: know the history of architecture, the instruments and forms of representation, the theoretical, scientific, methodological and operational aspects of mathematics, science basic conservation and be able to use this knowledge to interpret and describe the architecture or complex problems that require approaches interdisciplinary, developing project proposals for the new architecture for the existing and historical; know the theory, scientific, methodological and operational areas of their disciplinary course and be able to use them to identify, formulate and solve, even in innovative ways, complex problems of architecture; have good knowledge of at least one European language in addition to the Italian language.

Master in Green spaces and landscape Design (2-year programme) – 120 ECTS

The Master in Landscape Architecture program is based on an interdisciplinary education with a broad variety of courses in natural, human and social sciences to provide the tools required for practicing the profession of landscape architect, which integrate knowledge and expertise in the landscape design and management at different scales. The course is organized in cooperation with the Polytechnics of Turin and the Agricultural Departments of the Universities of Milan and Turin and it offers courses in botany, ecology, plant material, landscape and gardens history, site analysis and planning, landscape design and specialized topic design studios, where the students are trained in professional skills and process thinking. The Master organizes public lecture series with guest speakers concerning landscape architecture and related disciplines. With the Erasmus + the Master offers opportunities to study abroad.

Master in Product and Event Design (2-year programme) – 120 ECTS

Event is one of the most used word of the present. It suggests actions, periods, representations, exhibitions, cultural expressions. The event is a disseminating process and a link between product seen as merchandise, and product seen as cultural good. It is an activity serving a sector or a territory. The Master trains product-designers, communication-designers, brand-designers and event-designers. It evolves the professional designer as global consultant, allowing to coordinate the whole process from conception to distribution and image’s dissemination.

Master’s Degree of Yacht and Cruise Ship Design (2-year program) – 120 ETCS

This Master’s degree is a inter-university program managed by the University of Genoa and the Politecnico di Milano. Founded in 2005, it is based in the University Campus of the city of La Spezia. This educational program is very rare and almost unique for Europe and the Mediterranean area. It aims to teach the design of interiors and outline-layout of small crafts, sailing and motor yachts, cruise vessels and -in addition- infrastructures, building processes and the design of marine products and spare components for industries or special features for customers. The skills of the students are oriented both in artistic humanities (representation, communication and history) and technical applications (naval architecture, structures, materials and fluid-dynamics). This education is appreciated in both domestic and international applications. Within one year from graduation, job placement of students is over 94%. These master designers are placed approximately 70% in Italy and 30% abroad. The enrolling of foreign students is increasing year after year. The international cooperations for students exchanges are mainly active with France, USA, UK, TR and PRC.


Post Graduate Programmes

School of Specialisation in Architectural Heritage and Lands (Master-post Master 2-year programme) – 120 ECTS

Director: Prof. arch. Stefano Francesco Musso

The School provides professional preparation in architectural preservation, complementing the previous university studies (bachelor and master), and allows to achieve a wider and more extensive knowledge of methods and techniques for the protection, conservation and restoration of architectural and environmental heritage of cultural interest. The subject matter, as field of experimentation for the analysis, diagnosis, conservation, restoration and reuse design project, usually refers to monumental buildings or complex in Genoa or in Liguria region, chosen in agreement with local or state Institutions responsible for the protection of cultural goods.




PhD Programmes

ADD, Ph.D Course and Program in Architecture and Industrial Design (3-year programme) – 180 ECTS 

Director: Prof. arch. Manuel Gausa Navarro

ADD is the acronym for the PHD Program and virtual Research Laboratory of the DAD-UNIGE, a catalyst of scientific experiences and prospective, experiences associated to the disciplines of the space and products, as well as their relationship with current procedural transformations. Under the fields of Architecture and Design its structure meets three curricula – Architecture, Industrial, Design, Naval and Nautical Design, with the aim of addressing, in an inter-disciplinary and multi-scalar dimension, the new phenomena of change –social, cultural, environmental, spatial and material– that influence today’s projective and productive activity understood as a dynamic process, its cognitive and operational tools (and systems), their relationship with the society of Information and Knowledge and, specially, their incidence in the qualitative (re)definition of urban and Mediterranean contexts.

ADD is actively participating in some of the EU Research and Cooperation projects funded or co-funded by the European Agency Programs in 2015.




The researchers of the Department Architecture and Design in Genoa mainly belong to the research “area” named Area 08 – Civil Engineering and Architecture (see: www.anvur.org). The last evaluation program carried out by the Italian Ministry for University and Research, using an international team of experts, has stated that the research developed within the University of Genoa, in this field, is one of the first in Italy for its quality range. The students will find an ideal cultural, technical and professional environment for their studies and their development in the different fields existing within the Department.