Instituto Superior Manuel Teixeira Gomes
Portimào, PT
Instituto Superior Manuel Teixeira Gomes

8500-508 | Portimào

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 Ana Bordalo 
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Degree programmes
Master of advanced Studies
Bachelor of Arts
Faculty profile

The ISMAT is an establishment of university education, private and cooperative, located in Portimão. The ISMAT integrates Grupo Lusófona and as all the institutions of the group shares with it a substantial set of skills and synergies.

Recognized at 17th of August 2004, the strategy of the university courses conduct research in different areas of expertise, with particular emphasis on scientific and technical fields that contribute to the development of Algarve region, which can respond to regional needs in terms of human resources training, and meet the most urgent needs regarding regional development.

Architects trained at the ISMAT will have the following profile:

Equipped to be able to design and develop Architectural projects. From the selection and survey of the site, through the development of the conceptual model to the organisation and completion of the process, they will have control over the various design phases, the inherent responsibilities and costs and negotiating capabilities; An ability to handle various construction systems; Solid and reliable knowledge of the History and Theory of Architecture, expressive ideas on the conditioning that the culture, economy, history, and geography of the territories and communities confer to the project perspective, particularly with respect to Portuguese territory and the Lusophone Space; Knowledge on how to work within the urban territory of different dimensions and scopes;Understanding of the various domains of the Architect’s professional activity, in addition to designing buildings: rehabilitation of buildings and sites, urban management and legal resources for project licensing, Architectural critical observation and research, management and preparation of works, Architectural instruction, participation in cross-discipline teams in Land Use Plans, in Environmental Impact Studies, in Building evaluation processes, in Architectural Tender Jury Panels, in integration processes of the other Architectural Trades and in the City, and in the physical management of the running of cities and other human settlements;Knowledge of the use and pathologies of some materials, safety systems and the heating and acoustic framework of buildings, particularly in Portuguese territory and the Lusophone Space.

ISMAT is located in the city of Portimão, in the Algarve, Portugal's foremost touristic destination. Portimão has a population of about 45.000 inhabitants, and is generally a quiet town, perfect for studying during the school year, for its moderate climate, with an average of 250 sunny days per year. However, the beaches of Algarve are at hand, a mere 15 minutes walk from ISMAT. Portimão's population may double or even triple during the summer vacations. There are no security issues, and the city is a safe haven for tourists and also for residents. There is a busy cultural life and a busy night-life, all-year round.

5 staff members (0 full-time and approx. 5 visiting lecturers and critics).

Student Activities

There is a Students Association (Associação Académica).

Contact of AAISMAT:


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Foreign students will have to find their own accomodation.

However, ISMAT regularly receives information about accomodation from local entities / citizens.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements are defined by the Portuguese Ministery of Education and Science: a) complete 12th grade, with national exams cleared; b) special exam for candidates older than 23, regardless of previous formal education; c) university students from other courses / degress.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees for BA or MA in Architecture average 3.000 euro per school year.

Tuition fees may be divided in 11 instalments.

Exact figures are available at


Application Deadline

Normal application deadline: 31 August.

However, for students of 2nd year and following, it is possible to ask for a special admission after this date. Request will be analysed by ISMAT authorities.

Master of advanced Studies, Master of Architecture, 5-years, Master, 300,

Portuguese title: Mestrado Integrado em Arquitectura

Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Architecture, 3-years, Bachelor, 180,

Portuguese title: Licenciatura em Estudos Gerais de Arquitectura

The degree in Architecture is organised into two cycles, the first (Bachelor degree) lasting three academic years, and the second (Master degree) lasting two academic years (each year having two semesters). Each semester comprises a set of curricular units. The set of curricular units comprising the study programme totals 300 ECTS. All of the courses last one semester. Each academic semester corresponds to at least 15 actual weeks of classroom time. Instruction is classroom and studio-based. During their classroom time, students perform various types of coursework, such as attending lectures, discussing topics suggested by lecturers, taking written tests, solving practical cases, taking part in workgroups, presenting individual and group work, presenting book reviews, preparing sketches and drawings and, in particular, architectural design projects. Most curricular units involve the use of computer resources, for the most part in CAD and 3D simulations. At the same time, the study programme has an extensive individual work component (independent or supervised) involving bibliographic reading, library and/or Internet research, written work, drawings, graphs, maps, architecture and urban planning projects (individual or group), reports, seminars, conferences, workshops and study visits. The first-cycle study programme is comprised entirely of mandatory curricular units, while the second cycle includes some optional curricular units.

The First Cycle of Studies has as its and a curricular grade of 180 ECTS and is composed by 6 semesters.The subjects of each semester compose a total of 30 ECTS.

Content: Architecture I (1st Sem), II (2nd Sem); Drawing I (1st sem), II (2nd sem), III (3rd sem), IV (4th sem); Geometry I (1st sem), II (2nd sem); Introduction to the Theory of Architecture (1st sem); Constructions I (1st sem), II (2nd sem), III (3rd sem), IV (4th sem), V (5th sem), VI (6th sem); Geography I (1st sem), II (4th sem); Anthropology of Space (2nd sem); History of Architecture I (2nd sem), II (3rd sem), III (4th sem); Architecture Design I (3rd sem), II (4th sem), III (5th sem), IV (6th sem); 3D Modeling (3rd sem); Structural Systems I (3rd sem), II (4th sem), III (5th sem), IV (6th sem); History of the City I (5th sem), II (6th sem); Urban Design I (5th sem), II (6th sem); Sociology (5th sem); Southern and Mediterranean Architecture (6th sem).

The First Cycle of Studies has as its and a curricular grade of 120 ECTS and is composed by 4 semesters.The subjects of each semester compose a total of 30 ECTS.

Content: Architecture Design V (7th sem), VI (8th sem), VII (9th sem); Urban Studies I (7th sem), II (8th sem); History of Portuguese Architecture I (7th sem), II (8th sem); Buildings I (7th sem), II (8th sem), III (9th sem); Research Methods; Optional I (7th sem), II (8th sem), III (9th sem); Rehabilitation of Buildings and Places (8th sem); Organization and Management of Building Project (9th sem); Critic and Aesthetics of Architecture (9th sem); Project-Design Work / Dissertation (10th sem); Seminar (10th sem).