EVENT. Published: April 25, 2017.

Transvaluation. Making the World Matter


In the current measurement- and indicator-driven knowledge culture, research in architecture, art and several disciplines within humanities and social sciences may succumb to economic or scientific models, or be separated from important contexts of invention, risking to reduce research largely to standardized reproduction. Responding to the current proliferation of evaluation systems and the dominant culture of measurement that comes with it, the Transvaluation international symposium, May 21-22 2015, searches for alternative, cooperative environments of knowledge, of creation and invention, of ‘making and thinking’, and ways to trans- and re-value research cultures from within.

The ambition is a high quality event with top level keynote speeches, small format seminars and collective forum discussions, with the intent to start a broad debate addressing fundamental strategic research questions across disciplinary borders, and to instigate possibilities for change.

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2015-05-21  |  Symposium Opening
2015-05-22  |  Symposium Closing
2015-01-07  |  Extended Deadline for Abstracts
2015-01-26  |  Notification of Abstracts Acceptance
2015-04-13  |  Full Papers Submission Deadline
2015-04-24  |  Groups Formation, Papers Distribution and Participants Notification



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May 21, 2015


Gothenburg, Sweden