EVENT by: EAAE. Published: May 14, 2021.

The Design Studio Student Survey – 2021

A student survey prepared by SCHOSA and the RIBA with the support of EAAE, disseminated across Europe.

The results will be shared with all EAAE member schools and will hopefully help us improve our courses and provide evidence which will help us maintain our resources. Responses from all individual schools are anonymous

This survey follows on from the 2020 UK Studio survey which was undertaken last year, and the results of which were presented at the EAAE Deans Summit in April.

Thank you for taking the time to share the survey with the suggested wording:


The Design Studio Student Survey – 2021
A survey conducted across Europe for all architecture students!
We ask you to consider your experience studying within an architecture studio. Your responses are completely anonymous, and the results will be used to help inform, develop and improve architectural education, so please complete the survey if you can:




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