WORKSHOP by: Universiteit Hasselt. Published: September 17, 2018.

GROWING LEARNING COLLECTIVES in residential subdivision towns

Within the framework of the research program CAPA.CITY, the winterschool is organized around the question of how to establish learning collectives around citizens, professionals and authorities that are concerned by spatial transformations taking place in their daily environment.

Through a location–based experimental learning approach the participants of the winterschool are invited to work on the residential subdivision town of Viby, Denmark. Over the last decades Viby has been facing a slow urban decline. Current planning and initiatives are working to reverse this trend and by urban expansion to grow the population significantly. The participants will develop learning protocols to help concerned
collectives to deal with the impacts of this population increase. Following questions will be addressed: How to initiate a learning collective? How to support it? How to make a collective focus on spatial issues? How to keep a collective open? How to link a collective to the wider urban community?

In order to develop these protocols, the CAPA.CITY winterschool will invite a series of professionals with an expertise in participatory design and planning:

Jesper Koefoed-Melson, GivRum, Denmark. GivRum developed an expertise in the participatory revitalization of empty buildings and urban spaces.

Rémy Vigneron, In Vivo, France. In Vivo developed the “BIMBY” (Build In My BackYard) concept, a participatory approach to soft densification.

Thomas Lommée, Intrastructures, Belgium. Intrastructures initiated the OpenStructures project, an open modular construction model.

Debating residential subdivisions
Which actors, which forms, which uses?
“A demand and an offer impose their presence on us” (Bauer, 1979, p. 12)
Roskilde (DK) – 10-13 December 2018

Organizational committee:
Roskillde University (Denmark)
Majken Toftager Larsen, John Andersen
Hasselt University (Belgium)
Oswald Devisch, Teresa Palmieri
ENSA-Marseille (France)
Marion Serre

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matola@ruc .dk

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December 10, 2018


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