EVENT.Published:April 25, 2017.

Drawing of the Year

The Aarhus School of Architecture, The Danish Agency for Culture and the award winning architecture and design office SHL proudly announce a joint venture ‘Drawing of the Year 2013’.
Entries are invited from all architectural students of drawings that inspire, communicate and engage. The internationally acclaimed jury will be looking to award drawings that focus on entries that express the architect’s aesthetic and conceptual approach as a dialogue with – and through the medium – of drawing.
Drawing is a media production and a dissemination of thoughts and dreams. The recipient should be invited to wonder, be moved and involved in drawing as recognition and discussion of tomorrow’s architecture. The drawing substantive theme is ”Engaging Through Architecture” – a focus on architecture’s ambition to take an active part in social development.
The competition is seen as an opportunity to celebrate the Architect’s oldest tool as a relevant media for communicating their craft – and demonstrating the potential discourse for discussing and developing architectural ideas laid down through the art of drawing on paper.
Drawings will be exhibited at the Aarhus School of Architecture in December 2013.

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2013-09-11  |  Announcement
2013-12-05  |  Submission Deadline
2013-12-12  |  Jury Decission


December 5, 2013


Aarhus, Denmark