EVENT. Published: April 25, 2017.

Boarding 2016 | New Ways of Living in the World


The world is changing, and news ways of living in it are also changing.

More than ever before, architecture, cities, and the conditions for contemporary urban living have to be conceived in the light of what no longer exists and what is yet to appear.

The increasingly rapid urbanisation of the planet, along with the globalisation of the economy and of information, have irremediably shaped the city and its architecture. These phenomenon, which have been at work for many years, have been significantly accelerated by the combined effects of the digital revolution and the ecological crisis, both of which have a profound impact on the conditions of human habitation.

How do young European architects, designers, landscape designers and planners take these new ways of living in the world into account? How do they explore the professional fields devoted to developing our living environment?

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2016-02-29  |  Deadline for Registration
2016-02-29  |  Deadline for Registration



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