Documents (Conservation Network)



This book presents the papers written by 33 participants following the 6th Workshop on Conservation, organised by the Conservation Network of the European Association for Architectural Education in A Coruña, Galicia, Spain in 2017. All papers have been peer-reviewed. The Workshop was attended
by 51 participants from the following countries: Czech Republic, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom

Organising Committee:
Alejandro M. Fernández Castro, Miguel Angel Calvo-Salve, Marina Maroño Cal
Scientific Council:
Donatella Fiorani, Giovanna Franco, Loughlin Kealy, Stefano Francesco Musso,
Koenraad van Cleempoel

the EAAE/AEEA CONSERVATION NETWORK: review of experience

In any review of anything that exists for a purpose there are 3 (really 5) questions

what is it/ what is it for
how does it work/what has it done
what is its future

Network established 2007.
Coordinators: Stefano Francesco Musso, Loughlin Kealy

Report of the Conservation Network

The 2017 General Assembly in Bordeaux was informed that the 6th Workshop of the Network would be held in A Coruna/Santiago de Compostela in September 2017, and would be hosted by CESUGA, University College. The theme of the Workshop was “Conservation/Consumption” and its focus was on a key issue affecting architectural inheritance of cultural and historical value. Read more: