Council member

Currently, City Councillor at Câmara Municipal de Cascais. Permanent position as Auxiliary Professor of Architectural Design at FAUL. Member of CIAUD-FAUL (research Center in Architecture, Urbanism and Design) since 2009. Previously: Vice-President of the Scientific Council at the Faculty of Architecture University of Lisbon (2014-2016); co-founder of Roseta Vaz Monteiro Arquitectos (in 2001) with Francisco Vaz Monteiro, where she co-authored of several architectural projects, including Boa Nova Church and Community Centre, a built project published worldwide and recipient of two international awards: Honour Award promoted by IFRAA, a knowledge community integrated in the American Institute of Architects (2014), and first place at "Abitare il Mediterraneo", award promoted by the Mediterranean Union of Architects (2013). PhD at Royal College of Art (2005-2009) with a research grant from Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian; MPhil at FAUTL (1999-2001); Registered architect, OA, since (1996); Diploma in Architecture FAUTL (1991-1996), with Honour Award for the student with highest marks.
Author and co-editor in the fields of architecture and urban design, focusing on sustainability and modernity.