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council member
SINCE 2019

SINCE 2019
Dag Boutsen is the former dean of the KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture with campuses in Brussels and Ghent.  Dag is a Belgian architect and has a lot of experience in co-creative design with projects in the Netherlands, France and Germany. His particular teamwork-experience has grown through 20 years of working with Lucien Kroll on numerous housing and school complexes developped through participatory workshops. The search for the right "spot" for the discipline of architecture, as one among the numerous other university disciplines is what keeps Dag going since 2009: the societal position, the research setting as well as the educational point.
As a former dean of a Faculty of Architecture belonging to one of the oldest, most research-based and internationally very high ranked universities in Europe and beyond, he considers the construction of this suited spot as his main duty. Together with numerous colleagues of his Faculty, he has been involved in actions related to the EAAE or EAAE-topics, both directly and indirectly. PhD-by design, CA²Re-conferences, ADAPT-r, ARENA, non-written research output, eCAADe, experimental curricula, multi-campus education, nomadic schools, European exchange, over-seas collaborations, international workshops, none of these are unfamiliar to Dag and his partners.

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