Academy of Architecture, Amsterdam University of the Arts
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Academy of Architecture, Amsterdam University of the Arts

Waterlooplein 211-213
1011 PG Amsterdam

N 52° 22' 5.13'', E 52° 22' 5.13''

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Madeleine Maaskant
Dean of School
Degree programmes
Faculty profile

The Amsterdam Academy of Architecture trains students to practice architecture, urban design and landscape architecture as skills situated at the interface of fine art, building and civil engineering, natural and cultural technology, and the spatial sciences. The Master’s Degree awarded by the Academy gives graduates direct entry to the Register of Architects. The Amsterdam Academy of Architecture is the only training institute in the Netherlands to combine the three spatial disciplines of architecture, urban design and landscape architecture. That unique combination places the Academy in an exceptional position, both nationally and internationally. Study and work are combined in the course: half of the course consists of education in design; the other half consists of acquiring work experience in a relevant part-time position. The courses are taught in small groups, by tutors who work in practise themselves. In addition, the Academy regularly organizes exhibitions and debates open to the public; in collaboration with the research group Art Practice and Development of the Amsterdam School of the Arts, Artists in Residence have organized particular themes and workshops for students and staff.

The Academy is situated at Waterloo square in the centre of Amsterdam in former 17th century warehousebuildings. The premises of the Academy consist of a number of historic buildings with a unique atmosphere. After a drastic renovation by ClausenKaan architects in 2007, the premises now meets today's demands.

Student Activities

Canteen committee for students: organising exhibitions and debates; 1 Lectures on Thursday evenings; Excursions; Consultation hours with study advisor


Information and support can be given by particular support centres ('steunpunten') in town, such as the Amsterdam Steunpunt wonen (ASW),,,,

Admission Requirements

Please contact school for more information.

Tuition fees

Check for the tuition fees at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture the website:

Application Deadline

Dutch students: 1 May
International students: 1 April

Master, Architecture, Master,

Master in Architecture. Register of Architects 1st degree Arch. Title: Master of Architecture (MArch). 160 students, 64,5% of total enrollment

Master, Urbanism, Master,

Master in Urbananism  Register of Urbanists  1st degree Urb. Title: Master of Urbanism (Murb). 42 students, 16,9% of total enrollment

Master, Landscape ArchitectureLandscape Architecture, Master,

Master in Landscape Architecture  Register of Landscape Architects 1st degree L.Arch
Title: Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA). 46 students  18,6% of total enrollment

All courses are divided into four periods:

– Basic skills (year 1) Students on all three courses get to know the different disciplines by means of a number of design projects, lectures and practical assignments. All activities are centered on the development of the students’ creative powers and analytical thinking.

– Developing professional knowledge (year 2) During this period the students on each course are offered a programme which is aimed at developing professional knowledge of their own discipline.

– Deepening professional knowledge (year 3) This period is designed to further deepen professional knowledge and students are stimulated to establish their own position within their professional field.

– Graduation (year 4) The students conclude their studies by producing an individual design, thereby showing that they are capable of practicing as independent designers in their chosen discipline.

The Amsterdam Academy of Architecture prepares students to practice spatial design as a discipline at the interface of art, science and technology. The Amsterdam Academy of Architecture offers three master courses: Architecture (Master of Architecture), Urbanism (Master of Urbanism), and Landscape Architecture (Master of Landscape Architecture). Graduates are immediately admitted to the register of architects, urbanists and landscape architects. Architects, urbanists and landscape architects are trained in constant mutual exchange between the disciplines. This interdisciplinary approach is a hallmark of the courses given at the Academy. The course combines study and work. Half of the course consists of design education, the other half consists of acquiring work experience through relevant part-time employment.

Master of Architecture
Peter van Assche has been appointed as professor in Architecture & Circular Thinking at the Academy of Architecture. Within this research group he will investigate the architectural possibilities of a new material paradigm in a broad sense. It focuses in word, image and construction on a new architectural repertoire for a circular economy.

Master of Landscape Architecture
Landscape architect Sven Stremke has been appointed professor of Landscape Architecture at the Academy of Architecture and will lead the research group ‘High-density energy landscapes’. His research focuses on the development of sustainable energy landscapes with special attention for the roles of design and the designer in energy transition.

Master of Urbanism
Since May 2013, Eric Frijters has headed the Future Urban Regions research group, a collaborative project of the six Academies of Architecture, focused on improving the city and the urban environment.

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