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University of Minho
School of Architecture
School of Architecture
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Prof.  Paulo Cruz 
Dean of School
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The University of Minho is a public university with both administrative and financial autonomy. Founded in 1973, it began its academic activities in 1975/76. It is known as one of the New Universities which revolutionised higher education in Portugal. The School of Architecture was founded in 1996 and, although its recent creation, it is already an important reference for the University, not only for its innovating, participating and committed spirit in the teaching of Architecture, but also for its effort in the consolidation and development of the School itself. The construction of the School new building, which greatly improved study conditions, is a clear example of this effort. This building is located side by side with the Engineering School of the University of Minho, in Guimaraes..

The School of Architecture is located in the Azurém Campus in Guimarães, a city
whose historical centre, one of the oldest in Portugal, was recently recognized by
UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

416 students (0 Bachelor, 383 Master, 33 PhD), 18% of foreign students.

50 staff members (25 full-time and approx. 25 visiting lecturers and critics).

Student Activities

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CAD - Lab
CNC Milling
Model shop (LLN)
Photographic Studio
Plot centre
Structures Lab


The Residence Halls of UM have a global capacity of 1 309 beds, 827 in Braga and
484 in Guimarães. Students requiring accommodation at the Halls of Residence
must fill in the Application Form for Accommodation (which should be enclosed to
their Exchange Student Application Form), respecting following deadlines: June 30,
for the first semester and the whole academic year, and November 30, for the
second semester.

Admission Requirements

Please contact school for more information.

Tuition fees

1st Cycle fees for International Students depend on the specific exchange programme; Fees for 2nd and 3rd Cycle courses range from 986€ to 2750€.

Application Deadline

May for Bachelor and Master degrees, July for Ph.D courses.

Bachelor Degree, Lic - Designer., 3 years, Bachelor, 180,

The completion of the Undergraduate Degree in Product Design (3-years 180
ECTS) guarantees student mobility and admission to following Master programmes.p>

Integrated Master, MSc - Architect, 5 years (3+2 years) Accreditation upon completio, Integrated, 300,

The completion of the Undergraduate Degree in Architectural Culture and Sciences
(first 3-years 180 ECTS) guarantees student mobility and admission to the Master
programme, (last 2-years 120 ECTS).

Doctorate, Ph.D - Architecture, 3 years, Doctorate, 180,

Attending and passing a first curricular (60 ECTS) guarantees student access to
the development of a own research plan (l2-years 120 ECTS).

The School of Architecture offers academic education and carries out research in Architecture and Design. In October 2006, the School introduced an integrated Undergraduation / Master cycle, consisting of 3 years Undergraduate course (six semesters – 180 ECTS) followed by a 2 years Master course (four semesters – 120 ECTS). The content of the curricula is not exclusively determined by the demands of professional practice but also by innovative insights of a research programme. We are very committed with the Bologna Process, focusing on quality education and implementing its main goals.

The Integrated Master’s Course in Architecture is composed of three structural components throughout five years: project, theoretical, and technological components.

The architects trained at the University of Minho are qualified to perform professional activities of architecture, urban planning, rehabilitation and building maintenance, interior architecture and equipment design. The development of these competences/skills implies an increasingly profound learning throughout the study plan/course syllabus, based on: project activity, supported by design as a tool for conception and representation, and also by theory and history, which stimulate further reflexion on architectural practice. Students are stimulated to present the results achieved from their work in a concise and rational way. He/she must reveal an enterprising spirit, teamwork ability, citizenship values and eco-sustainable action.

The main branch of PhD Programme: Architecture.
The scientific areas of PhD in Architecture branch are: “City and Territory”, “Construction and Technology”, and “Architectural Culture”. The proximity with the Engineering School makes possible to profit from synergy efforts with the transfer of knowledge between Engineer research areas, and architecture, with the use of many researching centres and  laboratories (Civil Engineering, Polymers, Mechanical, Textile, etc.).

The research on the School of Architecture is carried out in several areas. The CAD/CAM area is a priority, with a fully equipped laboratory. We also have a photography laboratory, and some research on illumination comfort, materials and the environment, housing, urban planning, architectural culture and history. The proximity with the Engineering School makes possible to profit from synergy efforts with the transfer of knowledge between different areas of Engineering research and Architecture.