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Institute of Architecture and Planning
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Prof. Dr.  Stockhammer Daniel 
Head of the Institute
Degree programmes
Bachelor of Science: German
Master of Science: English
Doctor of Philosophy
Faculty profile

The Institute of Architecture and Planning at the University of Liechtenstein can look back on a tradition of more than half a century. This means that the Institute benefits from continuity and from a multifarious global network, which is reflected in the international composition of the student body. In recent decades architectural teaching has undergone a radical shift from
‘mere’ building towards engagement with the economically, ecologically and socially relevant themes of sustainable building. The role of architecture today is increasingly seen in combination with the concept of planning. The term is associated with the totality of all the processes currently running in a given area, and their interaction with the environment. This entails a principal focus on the interface of spatial planning and sustainable economic and cultural effects.

The University of Liechtenstein is located in Vaduz, Principality of Liechtenstein. It is situated in the unique alpine setting of the upper Rhine Valley, in the center of Europe, therefore sharing the cultural environments of Switzerland, Austria, and southern Germany and the major metropolitan centers of Zurich, Munich, Bregenz, and Innsbruck.

220 students (140 Bachelor, 70 Master, 10 PhD), 30% of foreign students.

Student Activities

A variety of organisations and associations are available at the University of Liechtenstein - these always look for new members and motivated students that are willing to participate in events and also want to support with any activities. Please visit for more information.


24/7 atelier
Architectural model workshop
CAD – Lab
Computer Room
Conference auditorium
Digital fabrication Lab
Model material shop
Photo – Lab
Plotting and printing facilities


Accommodation can be provided in the school's dormitories

Admission Requirements

Please check website or contact the University of Liechtenstein for more information.

Tuition fees

CHF 950,- per semester for EU/EEA and Swiss citizens as well as citizens from other countries if they are holder of a permanent residence or settlement permit for Liechtenstein or if they have obtained their university entrance certificate in EU/EEA or Switzerland.

CHF 1.250,- per semester for Non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens who do not meet one of the aforementioned clauses.

Application Deadline

Bachelor Degree Programme: July 15th (EU/EEA and Swiss citizens); May 31st (Students who require a visa)

Master Degree Programme: Students who do not require a visa (EU/EEA ans Swiss citizens) Winter Semester: 30th June; Summer Semster: 30th November

Students who require a visa: Winter Semester : 31 March, Summer Semester: 30 September

The Insitute of Architecture and Planning accepts applications submitted after these deadlines if there are open slots available.

Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science, 3-year programme, Bachelor, German, 180,

Bachelor’s degree programme in Architecture    Title: BSc Architecture. Enrollment: 140

Master of Science, Master of Science, 2-year programme, Master, English , 120,

Master’s degree programme in Architecture
Title: MSc Architecture. Enrollment: 70

Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Philosophy, 3-year programme, Doctor, 180,

Doctoral degree programme in Architecture an Planning
Title: PhD Enrollment: 10

The Institute of Architecture and Planning of the University of Liechtenstein offers three academic degrees: a Bachelor of Science, a Master of Science and a Doctor of Philosophy, pursues research in Architecture, Urbanism and Urban Planning, and offers a broad array of continuing education programs for professional architects.

Workshop: We use the term “workshop” as a metaphor for the Bachelor’s degree programme, as it provides the place for students to learn and experience the regional praxis of architecture. The programme tries to answer the following question: How is sustainable architecture being produced in the Alpine Rhine Valley? Active knowledge of craftsmanship and a strong sense of responsibility for our environment and society characterise our students. Gaining a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Liechtenstein enables students to competently practice architecture in the Alpine Rhine Valley and beyond.

Laboratory: We consider our Master’s degree programme to be a “laboratory”. It builds upon the knowledge gained in the Bachelor’s degree programme and aims to put the expertise and practice of our region into a global context. Why is architecture being produced the way it is? And how should it be done in the future? Interdisciplinarity and internationality enable comparisons with other building cultures, sciences and methods. The programme uses research as a basis from which to develop experimental and visionary design proposals.

Forum: As an extension of our Master’s degree programme, the Doctoral degree programme aims to promote and develop researchers in the fields architectural design theory, sustainable design and spatial development. It is geared to international standards and criteria and students are embedded in interdisciplinary research projects and consortia, thus the programme becoming as much as a platform of exchange as a research programme; we consider it a “forum” for scientific endeavours.

Research at the Institute investigates the potential of architecture and planning, along with their relevance in relation to the regional economy, society, the state, the environment, culture and international cooperation.