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Faculté d'Architecture
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Université de Liège
Faculté d'Architecture
Lambert Lombard area
Rue Courtois, 1

 Jean-Marie SAENEN  

e: annie.boutefeu@ulg.ac.be
t: +32 (0)4 221 79 03
 Marc Goossens 
Dean of School
Degree programmes
Faculty profile

Born in 2010 with the integration of the Lambert Lombard and Saint-Luc Wallonie (Liège) higher education institutes, the Faculty of Architecture - with its 800 students and 85 teachers - has now rounded out the University of Liege's teaching menu. The Faculty of Architecture's future graduates will on the one hand profit from the methods and experiences the two institutions have acquired over the course of time, and on the other from the University's didactic and research structures.

The Faculty of Architecture will award diplomas in Civil Engineering (Architecture) and a Masters in Architecture. Open to numerous disciplines, this Faculty is fully inscribed in the ULg's policy of transversality. Its eduction programme is arranged in such a way as to train students in the specificity of architectural processes. It is centred on the notion of 'The Project', as a creative, innovative and pragmatic process, consisting of an exercise in drawing different strands together in order to understand the real life milieu in all its complex dimensions. It sees itself as being both generalist: offering a good general education and developing the abilities to understand ever more diversified specific domains, and profession orientated: offering access to the diverse jobs in the domain of architecture.

917 students (659 Bachelor, 257 Master, 1 PhD), 0% of foreign students.


Computer Room
Computing service
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Service Logement (Accomodation service)
M. Georges Habrand
Tél. + 32 4 366 53 16

Admission Requirements

In accordance with the decree of March 31, 2004, the University administers a series of admissions examinations that grant admission to all first-cycle programmes of study, except for those in civil engineering.

This examination must test students' knowledge of the French language (written and spoken) and of mathematics. Moreover students choose which of these two subjects to be more thoroughly examined on. Then they choose four subjects from this group: history, geography, physics, chemistry, biology, and languages (Dutch, German, English or Latin). At least one of these subjects, selected by the Jury, will be tested by an oral examination.


Tuition fees

Full Fee 835 €
Intermediate Fee 374 €
Reduced Fee 0 €

Application Deadline

30th of September.

Bachelor, Bsc., 3 Years, Bachelor, 180,

(St Luc)
(Lambert Lombard)

Bachelor, Msc., 2 Years, Master, 120,

(St Luc)
(Lambert Lombard)