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Università Iuav di Venezia

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 Giuseppe  D’Acunto 
Dean of School
Degree programmes

Faculty profile

Università Iuav di Venezia was established in 1926 as one of the first Architecture Schools in Italy. To this day, it still maintains its unique status. It is a design-themed university focusing on the teaching, research and practice in the design of living spaces and environments (buildings, cities, landscapes and territory) and in the design of everyday use objects, of fashion and of graphics. It has a more recent but well-established tradition in the teaching, research and practice of visual arts, theatre and performing arts, and multimedia events.

Iuav is standing as one of the best Design and Art Schools in Europe and across the world.

It is the only university in Italy to provide thorough education and training in architecture, urban planning, design, visual arts, theatre and fashion.

It is deep-rooted in tradition but truly committed to innovation and gives students the opportunity to interact with high-profile teachers and world-level professionals.

Iuav is an international university that offers courses and internships both in Italy and abroad and encourages student exchanges.

It teaches the knowledge, skills and expertise to ensure successful entry into the world’s job market.

It is a widely recognised School of Excellence in an unparalleled city – Venice – famous for its beauty, culture and lifestyle.

Admission Requirements

For more information: study@iuav.it, tel. +39 041 257 1422-1788

Tuition fees

For international and domestic students, applying for a bachelor or a master programme, the max annual fee amount is 2.780 euros (a.y. 2019-20), divided into 3 instalments.

Student applying for a postgraduation specialisation programme must consider fees and financial aids described on every courses webpage.

The first instalment is the same for all students, while the second varies depending on income and/or merit.

In order to evaluate your financial situation, according to Italian law, you are asked to apply for ISEE (Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator) declaration.

Prospective students are entitled to ask for such benefits as

  • tuition fee waivers (total o partial)
  • regional scholarships
  • other funding opportunities


International students are entitled to ask for

  • Iuav flat fee
  • Study@Iuav scholarships and tuition fee waivers
  • MAECI Scholarships
  • CRUI Scholarships for Refugees
Application Deadline

Application Deadline: Non-EU applicants holding residency abroad must apply between March and July. EU applications are accepted online from June – August.

Bachelor Arts in Architecture, 6 terms, Bachelor, 180,
Bachelor of Science in Planning and Urban Design, 6 terms, Bachelor, 180,
Master of Arts in Architecture, 4 terms, Master, English, 120,
Master of Arts in Architecture, 4 terms, Master, Italian, 120,
Master of Science in City and Environment: Planning and Policies, 4 terms, Master, 120,
PhD of Architecture, City and Design, 6 terms, 180,
Specialisation programme in Architectural and Landscape Heritage (SSIBAP), 4 terms, 120,


Postgraduate specialisation programmes in:

  • emergency & resilience
  • MHT – master in urban heritage and global tourism
  • neuroscience applied to architectural design
  • ReADs – retail architecture and design for social and commercial purposes
  • contemporary architectural envelopes
  • > digital architecture
  • EMU – european postgraduate master in urbanism
  • FAIRS & EVENTS – nature generative temporanee
  • landscape & garden architecture
  • U-RISE – urban regeneration – social innovation

Characteristic trait of the degree course in Architecture is the continuous comparison between theory and practice, between knowledge and know-how, which allows the student a constant verification of learning.

The degree programme in Architecture transmits to the student the cultural, methodological and technical knowledge that allows him, at the end of the three-year period, to work professionally with competence and autonomy; at the same time, it offers the educational bases to continue the studies in the master’s degree course.

The first year of the course identifies and provides cultural horizons and basic languages; the second year is dedicated to construction techniques and environmental control, while the third year is dedicated to the characterization of contemporary urban design.

The master degree programme in Architecture offers three thematic paths: Conservation, Sustainability and Interiors. The student can choose to organise around one of them the entire training path, or, alternatively, adopt a free study plan, combining the three paths based on their own interests, curiosity and attitudes.

The three prevailing thematic areas, as well as the paths on a free floor, give the opportunity to explore crucial issues for architecture, the city and the territory, contemporary projects of high specialization, which concern the entire human landscape, built and spontaneous.

The issues addressed range from the territory, to the innovation of materials, from the management of sensitive areas (historical and modern) to the resilient design and to the strategic themes of reconstruction, up to the interior design. This last path, from the cell of the house to the public space, is proposed this year for the first time since the master’s degree in Architecture.

Constituted in 2007, the Iuav School of Doctorate Studies is a multidisciplinary research institution offering a doctoral programme in architecture, city and design with 8 tracks:

  • Architectural composition
  • Design sciences
  • History of architecture and urban planning
  • Innovation for building and cultural heritage
  • International PhD
  • New technologies and information for the region and environment
  • Regional planning and public policy
  • Urbanism
  • “Villard d’Honnecourt” international doctorate in architecture


Every year some places are reserved for foreign candidates who are holders of scholarships granted by foreign universities, institutions or international mobility programs

Iuav participates in a number of projects and consortia partnerships within international framework programmes:

  • Horizon 2020
  • Life
  • Culture, Creative Europe, Europe for Citizens (EACEA)

Collaboration with international institutions like World Bank