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Dipartimento di Architettura
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 Prof. Gino Malacarne, Faculty of Architecture  

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Professor Fabrizio Ivan  Apollonio  
Dean of School
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Feel free to explore the outstanding opportunities that the Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna (Unibo) place at the disposal of international students. The academic offer of the University of Bologna is composed of around 114 Bachelor level programmes, more than 109 Master level programmes (some of which are completely taught in English or other foreign languages), 76 professional master programmes and more than 112 Doctoral Programmes. The University of Bologna provides international students a range of different scholarships, fellowships and associated financial support.

The courses provided by the Faculty of Architecture "Aldo Rossi" are mainly based on the three ever-necessary elements of practising architecture itself: history, design and draughtsmanship.
These elements, with their specific aspects, determine the student's academic career for the whole 5-year degree span. They complement one another so that architectural design can be dealt with by paying special attention to the product and its natural context and environment, where the materials, the construction and the representation take on a particular identity and role within the building and urban context.

We look forward to soon having you with us as a Unibo International student or Researcher and we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you in advance.

The University of Bologna was the first University in the western world. Its history is one of great thinkers in science and the humanities, making it an indispensable point of reference in the panorama of European culture.The Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna is a university located in Bologna, Italy founded in 1088. It has branch centers in Imola,Ravenna, Forlì, Cesena and Rimini and a branch center abroad in Buenos Aires. The Faculty of Architecture in Cesena was established by the University of Bologna in the academic year 1999-2000 and entitled to the famous Italian architect Aldo Rossi (1931-1987) in 2005.


Convention with CEUR - SAIS for support in the search for accommodation for international students. The service provides accommodation at the university residences in Bologna for international students enrolled in international degree programmes and international exchange students attending a period of study at the University of Bologna, and offers support in finding other options in the private market.

Admission Requirements

For admission to a First Cycle Degree Programme, you must have one of the following qualifications: five-year high school diplomafour-year high school diploma with supplementary year; four-year high school diploma issued by a high school specialising in education that no longer runs the supplementary year programme. To register for a First Cycle Degree Programme you must also pass an entrance exam, the methods of which depend on your chosen Degree Programme. If you do not pass the exam, you can regularly enrol in the programme but will have to fulfil the additional learning requirements ("OFA") by the end of the first year of the programme, in the methods and according to the deadlines laid down by each Faculty, otherwise you will be required to repeat the year.

Tuition fees

The due amount for the first instalment is of 600 Euro for first-cycle degree programmes and of 910 Euro for the second-cycle or postgraduate degree programmes (including 1-cycle programmes).

Application Deadline

26 July 2012: opening date for registration. 1 October 2012: final date for registration. 2 October - 20 December 2012: late registration with the payment of a 50 Euro fine for the first 7 days and 100 Euros from the 8th day onwards.

Bachelor, Bachelor of Science [ Architecture ], 6 terms, Bachelor, 180,
Bachelor, Magistral Degree Course [ Architecture ], 10 terms, Magistral, 300,

Single cycle degree/Combined Bachelor and Master – 300/360 ECTS

The programme aims to produce a professional who has specific skills in project management, who will not be directly involved in project design but will have the necessary skills for managing and constructing the project. Graduates in Architecture and Project Management will therefore be expected to achieve adequate knowledge of the instruments relative to the constructive feasibility of the project, the construction process, change and impacts on the environment as well as adequate knowledge of its aesthetic distributive, functional, structural, construction, managerial and economic aspects.

This programme aims to form a professional with specialized skills in architecture and town planning, urban landscape planning, structural and environmental planning, architectural restoration, conservation and enhancement of the architectural heritage and interior architecture and interior design.

At the end of the first cycle (1st and 2nd years ) students must demonstrate, at assessment, a sound foundation in: Logic of architecture; Architectural construction; History of the essential elements of the architectural space; As well as the fundamental techniques of visual representation in architecture (traditional and computer-aided); Foundation for the technical management of a design.

The second cycle (3rd and 4th years) is devoted to scientific, technological and professional learning in the field of architectonic and urban planning, architectural construction and architectonic restoration.

The third cycle (5th year) is devoted to further study of themes and disciplines in studios, the conclusion of the educational agenda and the preparation of a final thesis.

The programme of the 2nd cycle degree in Architecture begins by providing a sound foundation in the subjects of mathematics, physics and technology, history and methods of representation in architecture and a solid basis in architectural design.

PhD programmes confer the highest level of academic degrees. The doctoral degree is awarded after at least 3 years of courses’ attendance and the drafting of a PhD thesis. At the end of the programme, the PhD student will have to defend his/her dissertation in front of an examination committee. In order to be admitted to a PhD programme, where no age or citizenship limits are foreseen, candidates must hold: an Italian university degree (vecchio ordinamento – 4 years); an Italian university degree (laurea specialistica/magistrale – 3+2 years); an academic degree awarded by a foreign institution/University, validated as equivalent to an Italian degree by the relevant academic authorities.

To be accepted in a doctoral programme, candidates have to participate in a call for applications based on examination and/or qualifications’ evaluation. Applications must be submitted online according to yearly announcements. Details about PhD programmes are specified in each announcement. Please note that at least 50% of positions have  financial support and that extra-quota positions can be assigned to foreign eligible candidates: a) holding a scholarship from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or from their own Country institutions; b) from Countries having a specific inter-governmental agreement with Italy and a relevant agreement with Università di Bologna.