Universidad de Navarra, E.T.S.A.
Pamplona, ES
Universidad de Navarra, E.T.S.A.

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31080 Pamplona (Navarra)

N 42° 47' 56.05'', E 42° 47' 56.05''

International Relations Coordinator
e: internationaletsa@unav.es
t: +34 948 425600
 Carlos Naya 
Dean of School
Degree programmes
Bachelor of Science: Spanish
Master of Science: Spanish,
Master in Science
Faculty profile

Considered one of Spain's most prestigious universities, the University of Navarra, founded in 1952, has more than 11,000 students on six campuses: Pamplona, San Sebastian, Madrid, Barcelona, Munich and New York.

The University of Navarra's School of Architecture was founded more than 50 years ago, making it the fourth oldest in Spain. Thanks to the School's experience and prestige, along with the University's characteristic pursuit of excellence and innovation, the School of Architecture has always had leading positions in academic rankings.

The School of Architecture of the University of Navarra is situated in Pamplona, capital of the region of Navarra, which is in the Pyrenean foothills on the North of Spain. Pamplona is a university city, characterized by a very active cultural like, with many films, theatres, concerts and lectures. This calm city is suddenly transformed in 6th July every year, when the world-famous festival of San Fermin begins.

615 students (497 Bachelor, 65 Master, 53 PhD), 30% of foreign students.

184 staff members (77 full-time and approx. 107 visiting lecturers and critics).

Student Activities

The University of Navarra provides different services for students, such as Social Activities, Cultural Activities, Sports and Spiritual Services.






Structures LabFabLab (3D printers, Plotters, Lasercut Machines, milling machine)

Conference Hall

Sports Center


Contemporary Art Museum

Natural Science Museum

Medical Center (Clínica Universidad de Navarra)


The University has its own Housing Service: https://www.unav.edu/en/admission-and-financial-aid/housing

Admission Requirements

The admission is valued upon the High School junior year transcripts (60%) and the results of the admission tests (40%).

Master Programmes: graduate title and Portfolio.

PhD: graduate and Master's title. Curriculum, motivation letter, reference letters and personal interview.

Tuition fees

Degree in Architectural Studies: 14.000,40€

Degree in Design: 13.600,20€

Application Deadline

There are three admission periods: December, February and April.

Bachelor of Science, Architecture, 5-year programme, Bachelor, Spanish, 300,


Bachelor of Science, Degree in Design, 1 academic year, Master, Spanish, 60,


Master of Science, Master's degree in Architecture, 1 academic year, Master, Spanish, 60,


Master of Science, Master’s degree in Theory and Architectural Design, 1 academic year, Master, 60,


Master of Science, Master’s degree in Environmental Design and Management of buildings, 1 academic year, Master, 60,


Master of Science, Master's degree in Real Estate, 1 academic year, Master, 60,


Master in Science, Double Master’s degree in Architecture and Sustainability , 3 semester (1 and a half academic year), Master, 90,


Master in Science, Doubel Master's degree in Architecture and Real Estate, 3 semester (1 and a half academic year), Master, 90,


The Degree in Architectural Studies is organized into five academic years and leads to a Masters Degree in Architecture, taught in Madrid. The two first year are common to all students, while upon the third year students must choose on of the three specialization metions: in Tech Management, Creative Management or Urban Management.

The degree in Design is organized into four academic years. It is a bilingual degree that is taught exclusively in English during its first year in order to facilitate the transition and adjustment period for international students. The degree offers teaching in general design during its two first academic yeras. Upon the third year, students can choose to specialize in Fashion Design, Services Design or Product Design.

The University offers a degree in Architectural Studies with 300ECTs of academic load, structured in 5 years with a strong training in management. Students have also the opportunity to specialize in Tech Management, Urban Management or Creative Management.

The degree in Design is framed in the Creative Campus Project of the University, leaded by the University’s Museum of Contemporary Art. The degree in Design offers a solid cultural and historical base that helps students understand the links between cultural and artistic movements and creativity. It’s a bilingual degree with a very close connection to the professional world.

Master’s degree in Architecture.

The Master’s degree in Architecture qualifies architects to practice their job in Spain. It is structured around the design of a Final Year Project that provides an opportunity for students to showcase their professional knowledge acquired through internships, workshops and in-company training.

The program is open to international markets and is constantly adapted to new social and economic scenarios.

Master’s Degree in Environmental Design and Management of Buildings. 

The Master in Environmental Management and Buliding Design from University of Navarra is a postgraduate program which aims at training experts in design and environmental construction; through broad and deep knowledge in sustainability and environmental issues applied to buildings. This will allow them to face big changes that are taking place in the building sector nowadays.  Building construction is producing great impact over the environment due to the consumption of natural resources such as energy, materials, water, etc and then producing emissions, waste, spillage and so on. This impact is forcing the adoption of new objectives and efficient measures in design and building construction in order to diminish the environmental issues related with them. The latest regulations that are being applied in the sector go from the European directives (energetic certification, buildings with no emissions, etc) and the Kyoto Protocol, to the national ones (Technical code for Building, wastes) in order to apply these objectives. Currently we talk about the environmental cost of buildings in terms of kilograms of CO2, towards the economic cost. All of this leads to a great complexity in these types of projects and therefore, specialization is required in these fields.

Master’s Degree in Theory and Architectural Design.

This program is aimed at those who wish to take a qualitative leap in architectural design and learn from our internationally acclaimed faculty.

With more tan 20 years of experience, The Master’s Degree in Theory and Architectural Design allows students to achieve excellence in architectural Project design and explore the different styles coming from the different architectural schools.  Taught by prominent academic staff members from international architecture schools and architects with proven professional experience, this program creates long-lasting bonds betwen different graduating classes creating a professional network among its graduates and the faculty.

Master’s degree in Real Estate

The aim of the master’s program, professionally oriented, is to train students to work in the property market in the areas of development, funding or consultancy of the Real Estate Property& Valuation.

To this end, the program focuses on the strategic decision-making considering the sustainability, the data analysis and the ethics. The program includes training in management and business, delivered by the faculty of the IESE Business School. The Master’s degree also includes professional internships.

Double Master’s degree in Architecture and Sustainability

This Master’s degree allows you to study two programs (the Master’s Degree in Architecture and the Master’s degre in Environmental Design and Management of Buildings) at the same time.

These studies will enable you to work as an architect in Spain whilst you specialize in Sustainable design and building.

Double Master’s degree in Architecture and Real Estate

This master’s degree allows you to study two programas (the Master’s Degree in Architecture and the Master’s degre in Real Estate) at the same time.

These studies will enable you to work as an architect in Spain whilst you specialize in Real Estate management.

The PhD program is the highest academic degree awarded by the Spanish university system. The University of Navarra offers two PhD programs in Architecture:

PhD program in Applied Creativity

This program focuses on the study and applications of the creative processes in the preliminar analysis, operational methodology and final definition of the artistic production among the following fields:

Architectural creations

Artistic creations

Audiovisual creations

Design (Industrial, graphic, fashion…)

The research comes from an interdisciplinary scope and is directed by academics, artists and creators. The aim is to reach a profound reflection on the creative activity that leads to new paradigms and strategies that collaborate in the transformation and development of the industries.

PhD in Architecture

The PhD in Architecture is aimed to host transversal research lines that have araised in the past years like the history of the technical procedures in Spain, Urbanism, History and Critical Analysis of the Spanish Architecture in the 20th Century, the existing links between the Spanish and Latinamerican Architecture; moving towards a progressive internationalization.