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461 17 Liberec 1

N 50° 46' 23.11'', E 50° 46' 23.11''
MgA. Blanka Kirchner 
Vice-Dean for International Relations
Ing. arch. MgA. Osamu Okamura 
Dean of Faculty
Degree programmes
Bachelor’s Degree Programme: in Czech
Master’s Degree Programme: in Czech or English
Doctoral Degree Programme: in Czech
Faculty profile


The Faculty of Arts and Architecture is part of the Technical University of Liberec (TUL). Its goal is to convey to its graduates a perception of architecture and arts in all its complexity. At the same time, the faculty emphasises the creative and conceptual orientation of an architect's work. The faculty seeks to create a dynamic course of study. It takes into account a number of factors including students’ future prospects as well as developments in global perspectives on teaching architecture and arts. It also provides opportunities for student and teacher mobility.

Inspirational and notable personalities
Historically and presently the Faculty of Arts and Architecture of the Technical University of Liberec is associated with acclaimed creative personalities, who are internationally respected practising architects, and artists. Professor Jiří Suchomel, the school’s founder, participated in the realization of a residential building for the Internationale Bauausstellung in Berlin, Germany and in the realization of the Czech House in Malmö, Sweden, and holds the Honour of the Czech Chamber of Architects for his lifelong work. Works by architects and educators Petr Stolín and Alena Mičeková, Zen Houses and the Nová Ruda Kindergarten have received awards in the category of Best Building in the Czech Republic by an independent international jury in 2016 and 2019 at the Czech Architecture Awards. Similarly, architect Jiří Buček and the SIAL studio were awarded the Grand Prix of Architects in 2014 for the redevelopment of the Liberec City Spa into a Regional Art Gallery. Another one of our architecture studio leaders, Saman Saffarian, builds upon his five-year experience working at Zaha Hadid Architects in London, while architect Radek Kolařík draws valuable experience from his work with Jean Nouvel in Paris.

The Department of Arts is led by artist and curator Jan Stolín, co-author of the award-winning Memorial to the Victims and Fighters for Homeland Freedom. In 2000 he f was a finalist in the Jindřich Chalupecký Award competition, awarded annually to the best artist under the age of 35. His collaborator Richard Loskot, a Jindřich Chalupecký Award finalist in 2012, 2014 and 2017, exhibits in Germany, the United Kingdom, and Italy.

Additionally, short-term visiting artist studio leaders are invited each semester, complementing the already diverse overall range of creative approaches.

Learning and teaching

The course of study is viewed as a golden opportunity for discussion between students and lecturers, fostering common enquiry and sharing findings. Through such dialogue, the faculty aims to equip prospective architects and artists with a broad understanding of the subject.  We offer a course of studies at tertiary level in which the art, humanities and technical components are well-balanced. Each study programme is designed to enable students to obtain the qualifications necessary to pursuing a successful career.

During a student’s course of studies, special emphasis is placed on studio work. Since a permanent work space is provided for every student, all studio tasks are expected to be completed in the studio under the supervision of the lecturer and by means of ongoing dialogue. It is here in these studios that architectural and artistic design tasks are undertaken, as well as tasks related to construction design and other similar fields.


About Liberec

The Technical University in Liberec is situated about 100 kilometres (1 hour by coach or car) north of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

Liberec is perhaps the only place in the world where it takes only 15 minutes to travel by tram from a natural ski resort on the edge of the city, to a magnificent, traditional theatre its centre. This is a city where it takes just a few moments to move from a unique mountain hotel to a tropical greenhouse filled with orchids. Within a stone’s throw of its outskirts a traditional cross-country skiing race takes place, one of the largest in Europe. It is Liberec which gave the world one of history’s most famous automotive engineers.

Student Activities

FUA activities for students

International workshops, summer schools with our partner universities, study trips, public lectures and a student design competition (JFK: ( ) are organised throughout the year.

Erasmus Student Network

The TUL branch of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a non-profit international student organisation with the expressed aim of representing international students, thus providing opportunities for cross-cultural understanding and self-development, all under the principles of Students Helping Students.

Student Orientation Week

This period prior to the very beginning of the academic year consists of various events held to welcome new students and help them with orientation.
It partly overlaps with the activities planned within the Welcome Days for the Erasmus+ exchange students from our partner universities.


Faculty Facilities

3D Printing facility

Virtual Reality Lab

Modelling room / Workshop

CAD – Lab / Computer Room

Laser Cutter

Foam Cutter

Copy and Print Centre


Conference Auditorium

Lecture Rooms

Exhibition Space



Sports facilities


Dining on the Campus

The campus offers meal plans to cater to students’ needs.
Vegetarian and gluten-free options are available daily in the dining halls.


Liberec, a Paradise for Sportsmen and Sportswomen

The Academic Sports Centre of the TUL  (located at Na Bohdalci 715, 460 15 Liberec, near the Halls of Residence) offers students a whole array of facilities. These include tennis courts, beach volleyball, mini-golf courts, a sauna, a climbing centre, a football pitch and an outdoor stadium. In the gym students can play badminton, basketball and floorball. In the fitness suite there is equipment which will enable clients to obtain the sport results they aim to achieve.




University Halls of Residence

Address: 17. listopadu 584, 460 15 Liberec 15

Our Halls of Residence in Harcov (Liberec) won the Best University Halls of the Year Award in 2011, 2013 and 2014.

International students are guaranteed accommodation in the university's Halls of Residence.

Advantages of living in the Harcov dormitories:

  • comfortable (two rooms share a bathroom and a kitchenette)
  • near to the main campus (approx. 15 minutes on foot)
  • affordable (approx. USD 110/EUR 100/month in a double room or USD 183/EUR 162/month in a single room)
  • rooms are fully equipped (including blankets, pillows and bed linen)
  • washing machine, vacuum cleaner, etc. available on site
  • ATM of Komercni banka on site (in block B)
Admission Requirements


The faculty offers Bachelor's and Master's degrees in all three degree courses:
Architecture and Urban Design, Fine Arts, and Environmental Design.

Bachelor's degree students are accepted on the basis of an aptitude test. The bachelor's degree is concluded with a Final State Examination, which includes the defence of the student’s bachelor’s thesis. Graduates will be awarded either a Bachelor's degree (abbreviation: Bc.), or a Bachelor of Arts degree (abbreviation: BcA.).
For admission to a Master's degree programme, a student must hold a Bachelor’s degree.
The course of study is concluded with a Final State Examination, which includes the defence of the student’s diploma thesis.
Graduates of a Master's degree will be awarded a degree in Architectural Engineering (abbreviation: Ing. arch.), or a Master of Arts degree (abbreviation: MgA.).

Admission Requirements

Prospective students must take an entrance examination

Tuition fees

There are no fees for a course of study taught in Czech.

5000,- USD per year for a course of study taught in English
(Master’s degree in Architecture and Urban Design)


Application Deadline

Bachelor’s Degree Programme: 30th November

Master’s Degree Programme: 31st March

Bachelor’s Degree Programme, 4 years, in Czech,
Master’s Degree Programme, 2 years, in Czech or English,
Doctoral Degree Programme, 4 years, in Czech,

1 / Architecture and Urban Design

Bachelor’s degree:

B3501 Architecture and Urban Design
Field of study 3501R Architecture – 4 years – full-time

Master’s degree:

N3501 Architecture and Urban Design
Field of study 3501T Architecture – 2 years – postgraduate – full-time

2 / Visual Media

Bachelor’s degree:

B8206 Fine Arts
Field of study 8206R Visual Communication – 4 years – full-time

Master’s degree:

N8206 Fine Arts
Field of study 8206T Visual Communication – Digital Media – 2 years – postgraduate – full-time

3 / Environmental Design

Bachelor’s degree:

B8208 Design
Field of study 8206R Environmental Design – 4 years – full-time

Master’s degree:

N8208 Design
Field of study 8206T Environmental Design – 2 years – postgraduate – full-time

full-time study

Field of study 3501R002 ARCHITECTURE – 4 years

Graduates are architects with a basic training in construction design and interior design, qualified to become employed both in the private and public sector. In this field of study, students gain the foundational knowledge necessary for the professional field of an architect.
The course of study consists of five subject blocks. The blocks are taught at all levels through the entire course of study, building on one another while extending and developing their content. The subject blocks cross the curriculum and are integrated into a student’s studio work. Graduates are able to continue onto the postgraduate Master’s degree programme. Once they meet the prescribed practice conditions they can receive authorization from the Czech Chamber of Architects and are permitted to set up their own independent architectural practice.
Graduates who pass the Final State Examination, which includes the defence of a bachelor‘s thesis, are awarded the academic title Bachelor (abbreviation: Bc.) similar to degrees from other faculties of architecture at technical universities.
Graduates have the opportunity to continue their studies in the postgraduate Master’s Degree programme.

Field of study 8206R067 VISUAL COMMUNICATION – DIGITAL MEDIA – 4 years

Field of study 8206R123 ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN – 4 years

full-time study

Field of study 3501T002 ARCHITECTURE – 2 years

Graduates are architects with a comprehensive training in construction design, interior design and urban work. The course of study is concluded with a Final State Examination, which covers the history of art and architecture, supporting structures and building construction State Examinations and a diploma thesis defence. The topic of the thesis is only assigned to students after successful completion of the State Examinations.

Graduates will be awarded the academic title Bachelor of Arts (abbreviation: BcA.) similar to degrees from other Schools of Arts. Details on the study system and the State Final Examinations are to be found in the Study and Examination Regulations of the TUL. All graduates will receive a diploma and a Final Report on their completed State Examinations. Once the graduates meet the prescribed conditions, they receive authorization from the Czech Chamber of Architects and they are then licenced to establish their own independent architecture practice.

Field of study 3501T002 ARCHITECTURE -2 years

Language of instruction: English
The tuition fee for lectures in English is 5000,- USD per year.

Field of study 8206T122 VISUAL COMMUNICATION – DIGITAL MEDIA – 2 years

Field of study 8206T123 ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN – 2 years


The Ph.D. programme offers the possibility to outstanding students to continue their academic studies by proposing a research project.