MEF University
Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture
Istanbul, TR
MEF University
Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture
Maslak Ayazağa Cad. No.4 Sarıyer
Istanbul 34396

N 41° 6' 31.84'', E 41° 6' 31.84''
Asst. Prof. Ayşe Zeynep Aydemir 

Prof. Dr. Şebnem Yücel 
Degree programmes
Bachelor: English
Master: English
Faculty profile

Design is a powerful tool we use to transform our environment, and hopefully, make it a better place. More than ever as designers, but also as citizens of this world, we are aiming to design artifacts, buildings and cities that not only reflect our dreams, creativity, ambitions as individuals and as societies but are also respectful towards our world and its inhabitants. Our program emphasizes the responsibility of the designers for their impact on the environment. Our graduates will contribute to a new understanding of design based on an ethically responsible approach towards the environment and thus, will become involved actively in the creation of a better world. We envision a future where our graduates lead the way to developing more environmentally resilient ways of designing not only in Turkey but also all around the world.

Our vision is 
To provide an intellectually rigorous learning and research environment for educating creative, innovative, ethically and socially responsible as well as globally competitive designers.
Our mission is 

To create a learning environment that emphasizes imagination, critical thinking and technical innovation as well as social and environmental ethical responsibility; establish programs that will be the best in Turkey and also are renowned for their excellence internationally; bringing together a faculty who are willing to try and develop new and fresh methods, approaches and ideas to address the continuously changing and dynamic profile of our students as well as the new challenges of 21st century; establishing cross-disciplinary approaches and cooperation of various creative fields that are studying the environment.

Dean’s message

Our goal at FADA is to sustain a learning environment that emphasizes imagination, critical thinking and technical innovation as well as social and environmental ethical responsibility. Thus, the future our students will create will become more habitable.

We believe in the power of a non-hierarchical, energetic learning environment in acquiring professional skills, developing a passion for design and establishing hard working habits. The culture we have at FADA is based on sharing, collaborative problem solving and production where both students and academic staff are involved. Beyond that culture which is becoming the main resource for the self-development of our students, we are proud of our successful students, academic staff and also Hangar which is the second home for all of us.

We guarantee to the newcomers into our school for years of hard work as they have never worked before, to get very tired but enjoy their work, to learn while producing and an environment where their ideas will be respected as never before in their education.

Bachelor, Architecture, 4 years, English,
Bachelor, Interior Architecture, 4 years, English,
Master, Architecture, 18 months, English,

Alternative Architectural Practices Graduate Program

The school’s programs are shaped around the main idea that design is about creating. Studios in our curricula have a higher credit and hour per week in comparison to similar programs. We believe that the studio, where our students learn by doing and experimenting, is the center of all design education that is supported with integrated theoretical courses. In order to achieve that goal, our studios are open to the use of the students 24 hours every day.

At FADA, we have developed a special program that takes creating and making beyond the boundaries of our studios. Our Design-build-studio is a summer program where our students design and build projects for schools and communities. The ‘Bridge of Dreams’ that was designed and build during the 2015 program has been published in professional architectural magazines and has also received a number of awards. Building on the success of the bridge, our students are designing and building five projects in different schools in Istanbul and Aydın. Our design build program gives our students the experience of not only designing but also building and realizing their ideas. Also, they experience the satisfaction of reaching out and helping people through design.