Istanbul Bilgi University
Faculty of Architecture
Istanbul , TR
Istanbul Bilgi University
Faculty of Architecture
Kazımkarabekir Caddesi No: 2/13
Istanbul 34060

N 41° 4' 0.48'', E 41° 4' 0.48''
Dean of Faculty of Architecture
Professor Şebnem Yalınay Çinici  
Dean of Faculty of Architecture
Degree programmes
Bachelor: English
Bachelor : English
Master: Turkish,
Faculty profile

The BİLGİ Faculty of Architecture is located in santralistanbul Campus, an exquite example of industrial heritage site which used to be a power plant. Education in the faculty is fully in English with numerous international collaborations and exhange programs.

Currently, there are three undergraduate programs under Architecture, Interior Design and Industrial Design Departments, developed with international standards in mind, aiming to provide interdisciplinary education. Designed according to the interactive model of education, the curricula of these four-year undergraduate programs consist of design studios and lecture courses of theoretical and technical nature, and is supported by extracurricular activities such as conferences, workshops, excursions, research projects and design competitions.

In addition to the undergraduate programs, there are two post-graduate programs, Master of History, Theory and Criticism in Architecture and Master of Architectural Design, both conducted by the members of BİLGİ Faculty of Architecture and are structured around shared courses and projects, offering thesis and non-thesis options.


Bachelor, Architecture, 4 years, B. Arch., English, 240,
Bachelor, Interior Design, 4 years, B.A. in Interior Design, English, 240,
Bachelor , Industrial Design, 4 years, B.A: in Industrial Design, English, 240,
Master, Architectural Design, 1,5 years, M. Arch., Turkish, 90,
Master, History, Theory and Criticism in Arhcitecture, 2 years, M.A. in Architecture,