Istanbul Beykent University
Faculty of Engineering and Achitecture, Dept. Of Architecture
Istanbul, TR
Istanbul Beykent University
Faculty of Engineering and Achitecture, Dept. Of Architecture
Ayazağa Mahallesi, Hadım Koruyolu Cd. No: 19
34398 Sarıyer / İstanbul

N 41° 7' 2.31'', E 41° 7' 2.31''
Assist. Prof. Dr. Serkan Yaşar Erdinç 
Head of Department of Architecture
Assist. Prof. Dr. Serkan Yaşar Erdinç 
Head of Department of Architecture
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The Faculty of Engineering - Architecture was founded in 1997. The main aim of our faculty is to educate young engineers, architects and interior designers who would appreciate the cultural values of the society, respect the environment as well as the universal human values, aim at being innovative and enterprising in design and technology and would be ready to come up with creative solutions to any societal issue.

In Architecture and Interior Architecture departments, the knowledge and skills gained by students in design studies and in various theoretical and application-oriented courses are integrated in project studio studies and supported by studies of written expression, technical and artistic manual skills and intensive use of computer.

Engineering departments focus on theoretical education at universal scale and project applications in the light of technological and scientific developments. As well as fundamental education, practical education is provided in vocational laboratories.

Medium of instruction is both English and Turkish, depending on the department. Also, students have the opportunity to do Double Major / Minor and benefit from exchange programmes such as Erasmus, Farabi and Mevlana so as to receive education abroad and different universities in Turkey.

Architecture is perceived as a construction and design discipline that includes beneficial art, applied science and technology, creation of human environment and an effort of enhancing its quality. In parallel with this definition, architectural education programme is organized around architectural design studies that are supported with practical courses, studio works and projects.

The regular duration of the programme is four academic years. During this time, students take courses that help them understand basic architectural concepts and design principles; observe, understand and question the spatiality; learn the history of architecture, built environment, buildings and building technology.

In each semester, students are required to work on various projects and take part in intensive design studies. These studies aim at giving students the necessary skills to create genuine and functional forms and designing sustainable buildings based on historical, cultural, and theoretical knowledge. The perspective gained in the courses on building information, structure, building technology, and urban environment are also integrated into studio projects held in each semester. Students are offered numerous complementary courses to develop necessary technical and artistic hand drawing skills and basic and advanced presentation skills via computer which is also required in the industry.

Other than compulsory courses, Department of Architecture includes elective courses that can be selected from other departments in order to help students make connections between different disciplines and experience the full spectrum of academic knowledge. The students have the opportunity to study abroad via Erasmus Programme. Also, the Department presents its dedication for expanding student’s vision through national and international research projects, social interactions and study trips. 40-day internship (20 days in construction site, 20 days in the design office) and a graduation project pursued in the last semester are required to complete the programme.