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IE School of Architecture & Design

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Degree programmes
Bachelor: English
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Master (Postgraduate): English
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IE School of Architecture and Design is part of IE University, a fully accredited higher education institution, international in scope, and with campuses in Madrid and Segovia, Spain. IE University is ranked among the leading universities of Europe.

The IE School of Architecture and Design places emphasis on excellence in design, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The School seeks to redefine design education based on pedagogical and technological innovation,  project-based learning and environmental responsibility. In an international and entrepreneurial environment, the IE School of Architecture and Design seeks to connect academia and the professional world and to show the relevance of architecture and design to our broader society.

IE students are encouraged to take a creative and critical approach to architecture and design, learn the latest digital skills in a contemporary context, and develop talents to become leaders in a changing field.

IE University prides itself on having three campuses: in the city of Segovia, located just 25 minutes by high-speed train from Madrid. Segovia, declared a World Heritage City, reflects the union of several cultural legacies and is especially renowned for its Roman, Romanesque and Gothic art and architecture; the Madrid campus, located in the heart of the city with easy access to all of IE's facilities and those of the city, too. Spain's vibrant capital city provides all the opportunities of a major cosmopolitan, capital city;  and our Online campus,  that allows students in certain programs to study remotely or undertake internships or professional activities while they pursue an academic degree.

265 students (190 Bachelor, 75 Master, 0 PhD), 70% of foreign students.

56 staff members (10 full-time and approx. 46 visiting lecturers and critics).

Student Activities

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Architecture Studios
Audio Visual Lab
Digital Fabrication Lab
Language Laboratory
Laser Cutter
Lecture Room
Printing facilities
Radio and TV production studio


IE University has one on-campus dorm (only for Bachelor students). Reservations for new students are accepted beginning November 1st. Places are awarded starting the following July 20. Located on the University's Santa Cruz la Real Campus in Segovia, it a newly renovated building with single and double rooms with en-suite bathrooms, telephone and Wi-Fi broadband internet access.

Apartments and other types of accommodation are readily available in both Segovia and Madrid. The University's housing office assists students in their search for accommodation.

Admission Requirements

Please contact the  Undergraduate Admissions Department at by e-mail at or by phone at + 34 921 412 428

or the Graduate Admissions Advisor at   (Daniel DiPaolo)  or  by phone  at +34  91 586 9600



Tuition fees

Bachelor: 20,300 EUR per academic year
Varied depending on program
Scholarships and other types of aid are offered based on excellence and need. Information is available through IE Foundation and the Financial Aid Office. For additional information please contact the Admissions Department at (+34) 915 689 872

Application Deadline

The Bachelor and Master programs have rolling admissions policies, which means applications are accepted at any time of the year. It is recommended that prospective students start the admissions process several months in advance of the start date of the course, as places are limited, and the confirmation of previous academic records and visa arrangements takes time.

Bachelor, Bachelor in Architectural Studies, 5 years, Bachelor, English, 300,

Language of instruction: English. Format: Full-Time

Bachelor, Bachelor in Design, 4 years, Bachelor, English, 240,

Language of instruction: English. Format: Full-Time

Master, Master in Architecture, 1 year, Master, English, 60,

Language of instruction: English. Format: Full-Time

Master (Postgraduate), Master in Architectural Management & Design, 13 months, Master, English, 60,

Language of instruction: English. Intake: February Format: Blended: online and on-campus (Madrid-London-Madrid)

Master (Postgraduate), Master in Strategic Design of Spaces, 13 months, Master, English, 60,

Language of instruction: English. Format: Blended: online and on-campus (Madrid-London-Madrid)

Master (Postgraduate), Master in Real Estate Development, 1 Year, Master, English, 60,

Language of instruction: English. Format: Full-Time

The Bachelor in Architectural Studies program is a 5-year program fully recognized by the Spanish Government and the Bologna Accords. The Bachelor in Architecture at IE School of Architecture & Design transcends the traditional boundaries of conventional programs by adding classes in management and humanities, in addition to its focus on design. A series of exciting elective courses and alternative studios are offered during the fifth year.

IE University has developed an exceptional internship program, allowing students to gain practical experience in top firms and placements during the second semester of their second, third, and fourth years at IE.

See more on our web page.

The Bachelor in Architectural Studies (300 ECTS)

The Bachelor in Architectural Studies prepares students to transform the world and to make meaningful environments. With a project-based approach to learning and a diverse community of faculty and students, the program synthesizes creative, technical, environmental, and social considerations, and is driven by a forward-looking and entrepreneurial spirit.

We teach our students to master the essential tools and skills of the architect, while simultaneously encouraging them to think broadly and creatively about how these tools and skills might be used in the future. Innovative teaching methods include integration and experimentation workshops that approach design issues from many perspectives in an effort to break down traditional barriers and seek solutions in a variety of ways. Our School has established a Fab Lab that has the latest technology and tools used in architecture and design. From  traditional tools to laser cutters to 3d printing machines, students are encouraged to use the the facilities for learning and experimentation.

Bachelor in Design   (240 ECTS)

The Bachelor in Design is a four-year comprehensive degree that seeks to challenge today’s physical, experiential, functional and emotional reality. It is aimed at flexible and audacious individuals who can transform reality into something better and more sustainable, independently of the available resources.

The IE School of Architecture and Design’s Bachelor in Design  degree uses a unique combination of solid design foundations, a demanding project-based methodology and a focus on real-life challenges. The rigorous scientific and creative aspects of design are combined with a business perspective, allowing you to transform and improve people’s daily lives.

Admission Requirements for the Bachelor Programs
Please see the Application Form at:

Master In Architecture   (60 ECTS)

This new master granting licensure in Spain, and therefore within Europe, will be launched in the near future.  It will be imparted in English and take place in Madrid with a residential period in another European city.  Those who have successfully completed a 5-year (300 ECTS) program, approved by the Spanish Ministry of education are eligible to seek enrollment in the  IE Master in Architecture.

Further updates on our website.

Master in Architectural Management and Design (60 ECTS)

The Master in Architectural Management and Design is aimed to bridge the gap between advanced design and business management within architecture. It is a 13-month, blended program that allows participants to work and study at the same time alternating on-line sessions with 3 on-site periods. The face-to-face periods are held in Madrid and London, providing networking opportunities with classmates, professors and practicing professionals.

Most architects are, in fact, entrepreneurs and vocational designers who face business responsibilities without adequate tools and training. This program addresses the design implications of business decisions and vice versa through course themes that include; design and business communication, strategic planning, marketing fundamentals, project management, human resource management, and computational design and others.

Master in Strategic Design of Spaces (60 ECTS)

The Master in Strategic Design of Spaces is an innovative, post-professional program that addresses the shifts that are occurring in physical spaces due to changing technology and the impact on organizational structure and behaviors.

A 13-month, blended program, it allows participants to work and study at the same time, alternating on-line interactive sessions with three on-site periods. The strategic partner institution hosting the London component is the Helen Hamlyn Center for Design, of the Royal College of Art.

There are new complexities in the way we work, shop and learn; the technology we use, increased competitiveness, new forms of communication and collaboration, globalization, sociological shifts and sustainability are some of the issues to be examined. This master degree program has been designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle new challenges for the understanding and definition of these typologies of spaces, which are shaping the future of society.
The program will undertake careful analyses of diverse environments – from multiple perspectives – that will include theoretical, technological, spatial and managerial issues. The program seeks to provide a unique understanding of the relationships between strategy, space design and performance objectives. It comes at a time when organizations are radically rethinking how they will function in the future due to profound changes in technology, economics and culture.

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to join companies that provide design and consultancy services, establish or enhance their own practices, where demand for strategic expertise and an understanding of the impacts of digital transformation is high.

Master in Real Estate Development (60 ECTS)

This is a one-year advanced degree aimed understanding the breadth and depth of the development process. With a foundation in the economic, financial, strategic, and legal aspects of real estate development throughout the world, this comprehensive course places special emphasis on understanding the city as the backdrop and framework for all real estate development initiatives.

The degree is structured in  four modules in: 1)Economics, Capital Markets and Finance; 2)Strategic Management; 3) The City, and 4) Legal Frameworks. Additionally, due the relevance of digital technologies in real estate, the course will explore  the latest technologies of the 21st century for the sector. It will also include site visits (local, national and international), and a final capstone project, undertaken by small groups of students working collaboratively.

Admission Requirements for the Master Programs

Bachelor degree from an accredited university, transcripts, photocopy of passport and diplomas or certificates. Photo, c.v., portfolio, English proficiency, application fee EUR125.

For further information, please contact the Admissions Department at (+34) 915 689 872 or the Admissions advisor: Daniel DiPaolo <>