Hochschule Trier
Fachrichtung Architektur
Trier, DE
Hochschule Trier
Fachrichtung Architektur
Am Schneidershof
54208 Trier

N 49° 46' 5.05'', E 49° 46' 5.05''

 Mandy Schwarz 

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Prof. Robert Thum 
Dean of School
Degree programmes
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Master of Arts
Faculty profile

The architecture faculty is part of the Campus for Design, which also includes Interior Architecture, Intermedia Design, Communication Design, Gemstones and Jewellery and Fashion Design at Trier University of Applied Sciences. More than 1.000 students study at the Campus for Design in a lively, interdisciplinary and cultural exchange. The individual disciplines are also closely linked: creative border crossings are cultivated so that students can work in an open and inspiring environment. There is a very familiar atmosphere on campus, students often work in teams and a high degree of individual support is provided by the lecturers.

Our training profile is focused on an integrated design process and creative competence in connection to the technically constructive knowledge. Based on sociopolitical questions we offer "learning via research" through mutual discussion, encouragement and interdisciplinary communication.

After completing the minimum five years of studying and an additional appropriate period of practical training our graduates are eligible to the admission into the national and international Chamber of Architects. In regards of international regulations the profession of the architect can be executed worldwide.

Our students have the opportunity to engage in a variety of honorary work by being a part of our student council or by supporting our faculty staff in tutoring programs.

Campus for Design 1.138 students

Architecture Faculty 287 students (222 Bachelor, 65 Master), 27% of foreign students

22 staff members (11 professors and 11 visiting lecturers)

Trier is not only the oldest city in Germany, but also one of the most creative. According to a city ranking of the Wirtschaftswoche, it is mainly students of creative subjects who are attracted to Trier. Their share of all employees here is almost two percent, which is the top figure in Germany.

The 110.000 inhabitants large city is compact, everything is within easy reach by bicycle or on foot. However, Trier is not only a student city, but above all a city steeped in history. Its 2000-year history can be seen everywhere in the form of Roman buildings and a total of 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Trier is located in the border triangle, in the immediate vicinity of Luxembourg and France. International art and cooperation projects broaden the course of study and the horizon. Later, Luxembourg will be of particular interest; many graduates will find their employer here after their studies.

Student Activities



In order to support our students in the realization of their study projects, we have a wide range of facilities in our house, some of which are available 24/7.

Students can build their models in the wood workshop and a painting room in the basement under the supervision of carpenter. Furthermore, two tutors run a laser studio and a digilab with two 3D printers. In order to be able to present the finished models properly, we also have a photo studio with professional equipment and a tutor who will help to take the best possible pictures of the models.

For each student there is the possibility to get a workplace in the studio area, where they can develop their designs around the clock and also store their work equipment. If the evening gets longer students can use the fully equipped kitchen within the studio area.


There are numerous halls of residence, some of them run by the Studierendenwerk, where you can find a cheap apartment or room. The Studiwerk also offers a private accommodation service where you can find apartments and rooms in the city.

The Faculty of Design also has a Facebook group where students from the faculty offer rooms again and again, the best chance to get in touch with other students from the creative study programes.

Admission Requirements

Qualification for admission to higher education

Tuition fees

No tuition fees will be claimed within the standard period of study

Application Deadline


Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Arts Architecture, 3-years, Bachelor, 180,
Master of Arts, Master of Arts Architecture, 2-years, Master, 120,

Our full time program demands social skills, the willingness to perform well, communicate your ideas and work as a team. The education is structured into lectures, seminars, tutorials and critics. Students are taught by professors and assistant lecturers. We encourage a very close, enriching communication like master-pupil relationship.

Next to artistic, designing oriented courses we offer constructional, technical courses. The essential modules are structured as interdisciplinary projects to be develop in teams. These modules focus among others on crossdisciplinary knowlegde, techniques and operating principles.

International projects are firmly integrated in the curriculum. Past projects covered cities like Vienna, London, Copenhagen, Madrid, Luxembourg, Brussels, Berlin and Dresden – to name a few. Students get access to the international network while they are still studying. We also highly encourage our students to participate in an exchange program. Our network of cooperating universities spreads over the whole world and grows further.

Cooperation with architects, architecture related firms and the industry as well as research facilities support our students through support programs and advancement awards. Our faculty maintains close contact with renowned architecture practices nationally and internationally.

We encourage collaboration with sister faculties Interior Architecture, Product Design, Communication Design, Graphic- and Media-Design as well as with the faculty of Building Engineering. This supports the course content of the classical architectural education.