European School of Architecture
European School of Architecture
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Architect-Building Engineer  Vicente  Molina Domínguez 
Director ESoArch
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The European School of Architecture is a specialized training center offering courses for professionals in the field of architecture and design. Our reputation and expertise contribute to the effectiveness and practicality of our courses.

As architects who work at our firm, Mtres Studio, we apply the knowledge and experience gained here to design courses that focus on the practical application of architecture. Our courses are not solely theoretical; they have a real-world perspective and are based on everyday scenarios encountered in the construction industry.

All of our instructors are architects who, in addition to working at Mtres Studio, have gained professional experience at esteemed firms such as Richard Rogers, Idom, and Zaha Hadid. They apply this experience to their teaching methodologies. Our team has also worked for companies such as Grupo Avintia, Ferrovial, and Metrovacesa, as well as for local government, gaining firsthand knowledge of the entire process in both the public and private sectors.

This wealth of experience has led to the CEU San Pablo Superior Polytechnic School or Universidad Rey Juan Carlos entrusting us with the responsibility of teaching software courses in architecture and digital fabrication. Our courses are financially supported by FUNDAE (State Foundation for Employment Training), whose goal is to promote and fund the training of employed workers.