Escola Superior Artistica do Porto
Curso de Arquitectura
Porto, PT
Escola Superior Artistica do Porto
Curso de Arquitectura
Largo S. Domingos n.º 80
4050-545 Porto

N 41° 8' 35.01'', E 41° 8' 35.01''
 Paolo Marcolin Arch.
Course Director
t: + 351 223 392 130
 Paolo Marcolin 
Architecture Course Director
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ESAP-Escola Superior Artística do Porto has an institutional affiliation with the Cooperativa de Ensino Superior Artístico do Porto (CESAP),a public non-profit entity, established in May 1982 and legalized by public deed in the Diário da República no. 202 , III series, of 1 September 1982, with operating authorization granted by Order 129 / MEC / 86 of 28 June.

The location in the historic center of Porto - a world heritage site - corresponds to a strategic option that has contributed to a significant interaction with the local community and the urban environment in which it is inserted. ESAP is one of the associate school of UNESCO and has established various national and international protocols with universities and other institutions of artistic and cultural nature.

The teachings here practiced are the various media that configure contemporary artistic and architectural production. Through an interdisciplinary practice, students construct their referential field, as a space of confrontation, in which different experiences and multiple theoretical-practical perspectives intersect.

ESAP is a space for encouraging the research and meetings between artists, theoreticians, researchers, curators or other professionals, national and international, both inside and outside the institution. The place that ESAP occupies in the territory of the arts and architecture is manifested in the growing recognition of its partners.

It is in this collective construction that we continue to believe.

ESAP is located in the historic centre of Oporto City - a world heritage.

Largo de S. Domingos, nº80

Rua de Belmonte, nº49


55 staff members (9 full-time and approx. 46 visiting lecturers and critics).

Student Activities

Student's Association


Audio - Lab
Audio Visual Lab
CAD - Lab
Computer Room
Computing service
Conference auditorium
Construction Lab
Engraving Lab
Exhibition hall,
Extensivemodelling workshop
Lecture Room
Media Lab
Painting studio
Photographic Studio
Plot centre
Printing facilities
Refectory and cafeteria
Serigraphy Lab
Sound Lab


Although the School doesn't provide accommodations for students, the Student's Association can help to find proper accommodations through:

Phone- +351223392130


Admission Requirements

Full High school (12th year),

One of the following three subjects: Drawing; Geometry; History of Visual Arts

Application Deadline

August 31

Master, Architecture, 5 years, Integrated, 300,
Bachelor, Preparatory Architectural Studies, First 3 years, Undergraduate, 180,
Bachelor, Master in Architecture, 2 years, Master, 180,

The Master in Architecture of ESAP is a plan for integrated studies leading to master’s degree in architecture, with a duration of 10 semesters, corresponding to the completion of 300 credits, appropriate to the Bologna Process.


With extensive experience in training of architects, this course maintains its initial option – inherited from the experience of the Schools of Fine Arts – in close interaction with other art courses, a rich sharing and confrontation of diverse experiences in the arts.

The Centro de Estudos Arnaldo Araújo conducts research in the area of Art Studies in general, especially in the field of Architecture, Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Cinema. It is organized into two research groups: Research Group Theory, Criticism and History of Architecture; Research Group Theory, Criticism, History and Practices of Contemporary Art.

In 2010 started the project yet to receive the “Popular architecture in Portugal.” A Critical Reading, funded by FCT/COMPETE.

The Centro de Documentação da Construção  create and keep a database  on the building area for students and teachers. It also aimed to establish partnerships with other institutions and provide support for research projects.