Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Montpellier
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Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Montpellier

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 Heulot Laurent 
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The National Superior School of Architecture of Montpellier (ENSAM) is well-known to educate professionals with solid competences in the construction field. During the first 3 years, teaching is geared towards opening the students minds. To complement the theoretical courses and the practical training of architecture in studios, workshops are organized to allow experimentations on different subjects such as: emergency housing, stone building, free form design, naval architecture, design, stenography, etc.

Additionally, students participate in travels where they discover architecture and town-planning in other countries in Europe.

The Ensam created in 1998 a branch on the Reunion Island, it is the only school of architecture present in Overseas and in the Tropics. This branch welcomes undergraduate students (Licence: from 1stto 3rdyear) who after join the Master in Montpellier or one of the 20 other schools of architecture.

The School of Architecture of Montpellier has developed cooperations with more than 45 universities in Europe through the Erasmus program and also all over the world (North and south America, Japan, etc) and participates in intensive programs with European faculties . The ENSAM is  also an active member of the European Association for Architectural Education (EAAE) and of the network  of french schools of architecture and  schools of central and oriental  europe.

In addition, the ENSAM has created a publishing unit  to produce books on architecture, construction, town-planing, arts. More than 40 books have been published.

The school is located outside the city center near the scientific and the literary campus.

There are 2 student restaurants near the school: Le Triolet and Vert-Bois, as well as 3 universitary dormitory : le Triolet, Vert-bois and La Colombière (rooms from 160 euros to 250 euros).

116 staff members (43 full-time and approx. 73 visiting lecturers and critics).

Student Activities

Archipel; AMA: brass band; ARPAL: cultural association for the promotion of architecture, organizes study trips in france and in foreign countries as well as conferences; AS: sport clubs; A2H: association which searches for solutions for building for the handicapped; Job hunting office; Convergences : student office.


CAD - Lab
Furniture Shop
Photographic Studio
Structures Lab


At school, the service Vie Etudiante is in charge to help students and give tips to students. Some rooms are reserved for exchange students through the CROUS campus (residences of Triolet and La Colombière)


Admission Requirements

Please contact school for more information.

Tuition fees

Bachelor: 210 euros
Master: 400 euros
Doctorate: 342 euros

Application Deadline

Please contact school for more information.

Bachelor, Bachelor programme:, 3-year programme, Bachelor, 180,

Leads to the Diploma in Architecture.

Bachelor, Master programme, 2-year programme, Master, 120,

Leads to the National Diploma of Architect.

ENSAM is based on Licence Master Doctorate structure and offers a three-year Bachelor degree, then a two-year Master course. The Doctorate is possible with the different research teams linked with University doctoral schools.

Courses are in French but master classes and workshops are also offered in different languages. The academic year is organized in 2 semesters. Between this 2 semesters they are 3 weeks dedicated to workshops, master class, trainings and travels outside France.

ENSAM is based on an Undergraduate Degree (Licence), Master’s Degree and Doctorate structure and offers a three-year Bachelor degree, then a two-year Master’s course. The Doctorate is possible with the different research teams linked with University doctoral schools.

Courses are in French but master classes and workshops are also offered in different languages. The academic year is organized in 2 semesters. Between these 2 semesters there are 3 weeks dedicated to workshops, master classes, trainings and trips outside of France.

These courses are open to students of 2ndyear (semesters 3 and 4), and also students of 4thyear (semesters 7 and 8). It’s an opportunity for students to meet each other. There are 11 Workshops, 3 Erasmus Intensive Programmes and 3 Master classes with foreign teachers. Workshops and Master Classes are intensive periods of 6 to 10 days on a specific topic. They could take place outside Ensam, for instance at the Grands Ateliers de l’Isle d’Abeau (near to Lyon). Erasmus Intensive Programmes are organized with different European schools of architecture, lasting 2 weeks. Erasmus Intensive Programmes are an opportunity to meet other students and teachers from all over Europe.

Finally, master classes are based a willingness on a short time session and the teachers are foreigners invited by Ensam. They teach in their own languages, in order to improve the students the foreign language skills and they thus participate in the international dimension of Ensam.

Licence is organized in 6 semesters with a total of 180 ECTS, Master is in 4 semesters and a total of 120 ECTS.


The first cycle, usually named Bachelor or undergraduate (and in French Licence), allows one to obtain a diploma of studies in architecture. This cycle aims to get a fundamental knowledge in order to create a common base founded on architectural culture and an understanding of project making.  This foundation of knowledge characterizes the specific features of learning in the architectural field. This cycle is organized around the following goals:

–   A capacity to recognize and analyze different elements of an architecture project, translate them by drawing and model making.

–    A capacity to determine spatial and structural solutions to develop the project

–   A capacity to deal with specific vocabulary linked to architecture.

The project unit has the highest hour volume. Crossed work is led between projects and the others courses to establish the basis of an essential cultural environment for architectural studies. This environment exists through teaching units (UE) based on topics. These different units are: Architect/Architectural and urban projects; Science, technology/techniques and environment; Theory, space and society; art and representation.

2 periods of training are included in the studies (Semester 4 = 2 weeks and Semester 6 = 4 weeks).

The next two years lead to the National Diploma of Architect. The student has to keep control of a critical thought connected to architectural issues and to know how to create an architectural project. The diploma prepares the different ways for practicing architecture and research in architectural fields.

There are also main courses which ensure progression in the acquisition of theoretical knowledge. There are methodological courses preparing for research and for writing a thesis.

The Master programme is organized in two “Topics“ named « Métropoles du Sud » and « Architecture et Milieux ». They both deal with the issue of how to take care of the specific feature of spaces which is the fundamental nature of the Master at ENSAM.

Semester 7this a specific teaching period focused on urban projects territory and architectural scales. It is an opportunity to discover the urban project from the beginning of the master. The PFE (the last project to get the diploma) is prepared on the last year (semester 10 in link with the topic of the semester 9). There is also a 2 month training periods.

One period of training is included in the studies (semester 8 = 8 weeks).

Very soon Ensam will propose a Master on Town-planning to allow students to continue their studies on urban project management. Then, to benefit from the assets of the Reunion island branch, ENSAM would like to create a Master on Tropical Architecture. This Master would be in collaboration with the University of Le Tampon in The Reunion Island.

To prepare the doctorate in architecture, ENSAM has agreements with :

– Doctorate schools linked with University Paul Valéry Montpellier 3

ED 58 “Languages, litterature, cultures, civilisations”

ED60 “Territories, times, societies and developpment”


– Doctorate schools linked with University Montpellier 2

ED 166 “I2S / Information, structures and systems”

There are 6 reseach teams gathered under the Comitee FRILAB:

SLA, Structures légères pour l”architecture / Light structures for architecture.

GERPHAU : Philosophy, architecture, urban research group.

FU2D : Formes Urbaines et Développement Durable /Urban forms and sustainable development.

Image et Patrimoine / Image and heritage.

ARTOPOS / Architecture, the art of the garden, urban composition and heritage.

PROTEE : Arts and architecture