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Faculty of Civil Engineering (Department of Architecture)
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Faculty of Civil Engineering (Department of Architecture)
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Prof. Ing. arch. Ing.  Zuzana Pešková , Ph.D.
Guarantor of Architecture and Building Sciences Teaching at FCE CTU
e: zuzana.peskova@fsv.cvut.cz
t: +420 605 945 785
prof. Ing. Jiří Máca , CSc.
Dean of the Faculty
Degree programmes
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Faculty profile

The Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague is one of the largest schools providing civil engineering university education world-wide. Over the years, graduates from the school have created engineering works which have laid grounds for the school's famous historical tradition. Keeping with the tradition of excellence, today's graduates exhibit a high quality of engineering craftsmanship and skills. The faculty has set up a modern system of organization of instruction based upon a greater flexibility of course selection for the final two years of study, and scheduling of courses according to students' individual interests. The new system places increasing demands on the quality of students' results which are examined and tested thoroughly throughout the whole study period, measuring that the students gain deep knowledge of their field of study. They learn to make independent decisions, bear responsibility, and respond rapidly to changing needs of industry, business, and social environment through changes in their professional knowledge structure. Therefore, during their studies, they can flexibly form their own professional profile and specialization in close coordination with major organizations and firms in order to be prepared for the needs of their future profession, creating favourable conditions for their careers. This is how the Faculty prepares its students for top positions in the practical domain.

Organization of the Faculty of Civil Engineering

The Faculty of Civil Engineering (FCE) is one of the largest colleges of the Czech Technical University. The academic community comprises approximately 3 500 students and 600 teaching and research staff. They elect their representatives into the Academic Senate, the legislative body of the Faculty. Activities of the Senate as a democratic control and management body include, among others, the election of the Dean and the approval of the other executive bodies of the Faculty.

The Dean, the head of the college, appoints Vice-Deans who are responsible for specific activities of the Faculty.

The Scientific Board is the top body dealing with the direction of development and content of teaching and research activities of the Faculty. The Board consists of teaching and research staff representatives of the Faculty and foremost experts from industry.

Departments are key units of the Faculty which guarantee high-quality instruction. In addition to their pedagogical and administration responsibilities, departments work on research projects.

In Degree programme we have PhD also in English.


Bachelor study programmes

overview https://www.fsv.cvut.cz/study-programmes/?lang=en#bachelor

Admissions Proceedings


Contact: Mgr. Zuzana Kuželová, tel.: +420 22435 8757, mail study@fsv.cvut.cz

Master Programme


Please add link to the Master study programmes overview https://www.fsv.cvut.cz/study-programmes/?lang=en#bachelor

Contact: Mgr. Zuzana Kuželová, tel.: +420 22435 8757, mail study@fsv.cvut.cz

Doctoral Programme

Information on admission procedures link is https://www.fsv.cvut.cz/prospective-students/doctoral-study/admissions-proceedings-to-doctorals-study-programmes/?lang=en

Research Programme

There are five main areas in Architectural research: Architecture and Building Sciences, Urbanism, Industrial Heritage, Rural Space, Protection and Refurbishment of Monuments Protection and Restoration of Monuments. Sustainability and enegretic efficiency aspects are included in all areas.

4107 students (2355 Bachelor, 1309 Master, 443 PhD), 0% of foreign students.

Bachelor, Bc., Czech,
Master, Ing. arch., Czech,
PhD, Ph.D., Czech,

Bachelor Degree Programmes

Master Degree Programmes

Science and Research

The Department manages the agenda of research and development activity at the Faculty. It supports the applicants and researchers of research projects, coordinates all-faculty projects, keeps records in the area of research and development. It administers the agenda of Ph.D. study, habilitation and professor appointment procedures. It conducts the agenda of the Faculty Scientific Board.