Czech Technical University in Prague
Faculty of Architecture
Prague, CZ
Czech Technical University in Prague
Faculty of Architecture
Thákurova 9
166 34 Prague

N 50° 6' 17.35'', E 50° 6' 17.35''

 Kristýna Sedlaříková M.A.
International Students Office
t: +420 22435 6224
doc. Ing. arch. Dalibor Hlaváček , Ph.D.
Dean of school
Degree programmes
Bachelor: Czech
Master: Czech, English
PhD: Czech, English
Faculty profile

Three Fields, Three Perspectives, A Single Spirit

As the only school of architecture in our country, we offer three study programs - architecture and urbanism, landscape architecture and design. On the surface, these appear to be three different fields, but the underlying goal in all of these is to make everything we bring into the world around us beautiful and functional, literally down to the last door handle. Thus, design and the execution of buildings, cities, territories and landscapes are all closely linked.

Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Faculty of Architecture is located in its center, on the Dejvice CTU campus, 2km from the Prague Castle, 10 min from the Old Town and 15 min from Václav Havel International Airport. It is accessible by public metro, tram and bus lines. Václav Havel International Airport offers direct connections to over 160 destinations within Europe and abroad.


1300 students (700 Bachelor, 500 Master, 100 PhD), 15% of foreign students.

130 staff members (80 full-time and approx. 50 visiting lecturers and critics).

Student Activities

International Student´s Club. Workshops, lectures and competitions are organized year-round.


We have a great university setting in our new building with four large lecture halls with state-of-the-art audio-visual technology, several fully-equipped study halls for seminars and teaching, design studios with individual facilities for all students, three IT labs, a VR lab, a workshop with 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC machines and in-house printing/plotting services, Archikafé and several foyers in which students relax and socialize. Exhibitions are organized on a regular basis in its three atriums and events and mock-ups take place in its outdoor courtyard. We have an on-the-campus University and National Technical Library, with over 1,2 million volumes, as well as the university Canteen and Megabufet. Student housing, a large variety of affordable restaurants, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, public parks and green spaces are all located nearby.


Accommodation can be provided in student housing. Contact school for more information.

Admission Requirements

For Bachelor degrees: Diploma of higher secondary education
For Master degrees: BA in Architecture or equivalent
For PhD degrees: MA in Architecture or equivalent.
Entrance exams are held for all degree programs. (applicants/admission/admission-procedure)

Tuition fees

Studies in Czech are free of charge.
Studies in English are subject to tuition fees.
Master Degree - CZK 132 000 (approx. EUR 5 100, USD 5 800)
Doctoral Degree - CZK 1 000 (approx. EUR 38, USD 45) (study-programmes/master-architecture-and-urbanism/)

Application Deadline

Studies in Czech: November.
Studies in English -EU nationals: May, -Non- EU nationals: March

Bachelor, Bachelor programme, 3-year programme, Bachelor, Czech,

Title: Bc (eq. Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree)

Master, Master programme, 2-year programme, Master, Czech, English,

Title: Ing. arch. (eq. Master of Science in Architecture degree)

PhD, Doctoral programme, 3-year programme, Master, Czech, English,

Title: PhD

We offer an educational system of a balanced vertical design studio teaching, in which students from the second year of study to the fifth year of study all work together on collaborative projects. Our graduates have access to the architectural profession in all EU member states in accordance with Directive 2005/36/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the Recognition of Professional Qualifications through our architectural degree which is equivalent to a Master of Science in Architecture.

The bachelor programme in Czech is intended for Czech speaking students with completed secondary education. The 4-year Bachelor study programmes give students basic knowledge related to architecture including inter-disciplinary links and rigorous technical background. It provides its students with professional knowledge and skills and helps them understand today’s world with the variety of its features and factors that have an impact on architect’s work. The development of design skills is central to the programme. A successful completion of the Bachelor degree grants admission to the consecutive 2-year Master study programme.

The master programme in Czech is intended for Czech speaking students with the Bachelor of Architecture or related study branch Bachelor degree. The master programme in English is intended for English speaking students with the Bachelor of Architecture degree or related study branch Bachelor degree. The 2-year master programme Architecture and Urbanism prepares students for the profession of architect and provides them with a sufficient level of understanding of all components of architectural work. The programme develops architectural and visual design, the knowledge of building techniques, economics and management and deep understanding of social and environmental problems. Architectural design is a central point of the programme: principles of architectural design are studied and practised on a wide range of building structures focusing on sustainable design, modern technologies, interior architecture, heritage preservation, urban design and spatial planning. Students are offered a choice of semester assignments either for individual or group elaboration most of which have real clients from the planning department of municipalities. Within the Master study programmes students are offered a variety of elective courses. Graduate level studies are closed by submitting a Diploma Project and passing the State Final Examination.

Annually, there are 20-40 new students accepted into both Czech and English 4-year Doctoral study programme. The admission procedure is organized in the spring of each year, the commencement of the study is scheduled in mid-September. The applicants have to hold a master´s degree in the same field or related field. The Doctoral study programme is carried out through full-time or combined (part-time) form of study. Each doctoral candidate is supervised by a tutor and prepares his Individual Study Plan and Research Project. He then goes through regular evaluation and takes part in presentations, conferences, publications etc. Successful completion of the final State Doctoral Examination is pre-requisite for the presentation and defence of the Doctoral Thesis. Contact school for more information.

Research at the FA is based on long-term activities of teams and individual researchers. Research activities cover ten research areas and are usually conducted under the guidance of professors and associate professors in departments. The ten research areas are: History, theory and monument care; Industrial architecture; Architecture, environment, design; Housing, typology, ergonomy; City, region, landscape, public space; Smart cities, mobility; Lighting design, scenography and media; Robotics, cybernetics, computing; Materials, technology, engineering and Design, technology and art. Part of the Faculty is the Industrial Heritage Research Center and the FA Research Center, which focuses on interdisciplinary research.