Bern University of Applied Sciences
Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering
Burgdorf, CH
Bern University of Applied Sciences
Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering
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3401 Burgdorf

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 Sandra Balsiger 
Executive Assistant
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Prof. Peter Staub 
Degree programmes
Bachelor of Arts in Architecture
Master of Architecture
Faculty profile

Designing the built environment of the future.

The BFH-AHB is the only educational and research institution in Switzerland to combine architectural, timber and civil engineering under one roof and for holistic solutions. We build on a decades-long experience for using natural resources with the international known innovation center for wood and open up new possibilities for a sustainably built environment.

  • Our project-, practice- and science-oriented courses prepare future architects, civil or timber engineers and professionals in the timber industry for their careers. Interdisciplinary elements are an integral part of every degree programme.
  • With our continuing education programmes, comprising numerous MAS and CAS, courses, national conferences and regional events, we impart up-to-date knowledge about the built environment and offer platforms for professional exchange.
  • Our research and development activities are oriented towards the needs of practice partners from business and society. We provide them with new, tailor-made solutions for their products and services.

594 students (497 Bachelor, 97 Master, 0 PhD), 0% of foreign students.

Admission Requirements


Completed vocational training in construction industry subjects with a Swiss vocational training higher national certificate.

Higher secondary school certificate or completed vocational training outside the construction industry with a vocational training higher national certificate and practical training.Training in a technical college.

The academic administration will assess the validity of equivalent Swiss or foreign qualifications at a personal interview.


Bachelor degree in architecture or an equivalent architectural training at a University of Applied Sciences, or a bachelor degree in architecture from the Federal Polytechnic (ETH) or a university plus one year of professional experience.

Presentation of a dossier, on the basis of which the course administration will decide admission.


Tuition fees

Semester Fees: CHF 750.-

Application Deadline

Bachelor: 31.07.

Autumn semester: 31.05.
Spring semester: 31.10.

Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, BA, 6 Semesters (full-time ), Bachelor, 180,


Master of Architecture, MA, 4 Semesters (full-time), Master, 120,


BFH-AHB provides a wide range of study courses: workshops, excursions, design studios and six-month projects in cooperation with the Department of Research and Development, ensuring a high level of practical relevance. Since architecture and engineering are closely related, students receive an extensive insight into the fields of activity of the entire building industry ‘ including a half-year internship in a foreign partner institute upon request. BFH-AHB graduates are very much in demand on the job market.The focal point of the training curriculum at HSB consists of processes, building management, production and processing technology, geotechnology and multistorey construction.

The bachelor programme:

  • prepares you for the diverse professional field of architecture;
  • teaches you to arrive at architectural solutions by a structured and progressive approach, closely based on reality;
  • is more than 50% project-based, with an interdisciplinary team of professors coaching you;
  • teaches you to integrate real factors of construction into the design process;
  • introduces you to development and planning processes as well as connections between architecture and economics;
  • grants you to benefit from our expertise in wood, and the research and training topics we cover;
  • equips you with the essential methods and skills to launch your career at an architecture firm.

The master programme:

  • affords you the time and space you need to develop your own architectural and social philosophies;
  • expands your specialist knowledge in the ‘Architecture & Wood’ and ‘Architecture & Areal’ focus areas;
  • provides you with additional skills in conceptual and constructive design;
  • broadens your horizons by providing access to applied research and innovative practices;
  • grants you access to our programmes in wood, and the research and training topics they cover;
  • allows you to select the topic of your master’s thesis and position yourself for your future as an architect;
  • positions you for freelance work or leading roles in the construction industry;
  • is offered in cooperation with HES-SO Fribourg and HES-SO Geneva.

There is no PhD programme at this time.

Our research and development activities link architecture, wood and civil engineering with each other and with other disciplines and are consistently oriented towards practical application. In close cooperation with our partners from industry and society, our researchers develop innovative solutions for new materials, for the optimisation of construction and production processes, and for sustainable settlements and buildings.