Bergen School of Architecture
Bergen, Norway
Bergen School of Architecture
Sandviksboder 59-61a
NO-5035 Bergen

N 60° 24' 35.12'', E 60° 24' 35.12''
Administration BAS

t: +47 55363880
f: +47 55363881
Rector Cecilie Andersson

Degree programmes
Master of Science
Faculty profile

BAS was opened in 1986 as the third school of Architecture in Norway, as a private school at university level. We are bound to offer an alternative program and a didactical approach.BAS was fully recognized in 1990 and entitled to give the fi nal exam qualifying the candidate after 5 years study as a Master in Architecture. This alternative school of architecture shall cope with the postindustrial society. Therefore, as one of the reasons, the school of today must be an alternative school to the polytechnic schools of architecture - introduced 150 years ago. The majority of the schools of architecture are polytechnic based - and we all have to search for a change and development.

BAS is situated about 20 minutes walk from the historic centre of Bergen, which was founded in 1070. Commerce, seafaring and crafts-man ship have always been important in Bergen. In the 13th century the Hansas - the German medieval guild of merchants settled in Bergen on Bryggen. Bryggen is today on the UNESCO`s World Heritage List.

142 students (84 Bachelor, 58 Master, 0 PhD), 10% of foreign students.

45 staff members (15 full-time and approx. 30 visiting lecturers and critics).

Student Activities

SOBAS: Organizes social activities at BAS.
SIB: Student Welfare Organisation in Bergen. Organizes student accommodation, cafes, kindergardens, counseling services, sports activities, academic bookshop and career centre.


Laser Cutter
Model shop


Is not provided by BAS, but BAS can assist in applying for housing through the Student Welfare Organisation in Bergen.

Admission Requirements

Please contact the school for information.

Tuition fees

NOK 22.940,- per year
THis does not include expenses for materials or mandatory field trips.

Application Deadline

Regular admission 1st year: 15. April
Admission to master level 4th year: 1. May

Master of Science, Master in Architecture, 5 years, Master, 360,

A professional degree of 5 years. Lead to the academic title Master in Architecture

The teaching of the subjects is different in the different four areas: APP (architecture) has the lead as the main subject area through all 5 years. TTA (technology) – is subordinated to the program of architecture and join in from the 2nd year. DAV (the other world) – exercises go from the first day of the study, to train and develop the individual personality, her/his personal skills and her/his sensitivity. DAV program is made in close relationship to the single courses of APP and TTA. KTF (academic subjects) – are taught parallel throughout the fi ve years, the different subjects to be chosen more individually, given as optional subjects. KTF shall give the students an academic foundation of knowledge and philosophical refl ection, which shall enable the new architect to use the scientists as consultants in planning and design, both in program discussion, site investigation( physiographic) and social and anthropological understanding.


Bachelor programme

No Bachelor degree. But 3 years of study at BAS is equivalent to a Bachelor in Architecture.

A professional degree of 5 year.
The study is divided in 1.part and 2.part.

The 1.part consists of the 3 first years. Here all courses are compulsory.  The professional development of the student has the major aims: to develop individual responsibility and reliable attitude towards the profession, both in the art of architecture and the practice. Most of the teaching is in practical artistic work and excercises – in looking and seeing, discourse and understanding. To obtain a reliable progress fo personal development, all the work is referred to the personal subject, for whom you build:

1st year: the professional subject is the student him/herself

2nd year: You, the other one

3rd year: we – all of us/a community

The 2.part /master programme: This will be term courses that are to be chosen on different design fields. For the 2.part student shall be able to see, understand and accept who is the personal subject/the client.
The optional courses are:
1. Urban restructuring. Urban planning, urban form and town-shape.

2. Rural restructuring. (building in rural or open cultural landscape)

3. Architect in foreign culture/development aid projects.

4. Complex building

5: Structural realization of architectural intentions/advanced structures.

The student has to choose and complete 3 different term courses before doing the final diploma work. (one term)


No Phd programme at this time.

The main goal is to support the alternative of BAS, that means research in the fi eld of teaching. 1) Research on our own building, design and building, theories, tests, and conclusions presented as material for teaching and for revised practise. This research contains all the fi eld of teaching architecture, from visual structure to physical structures, analysing the impact of visual expressions, usability and indoor climate made by different materials. 2) Town and city in history, research by looking and seeing, as well as text.