ARCHIP Architectural Institute in Prague
Prague 7, CZ
ARCHIP Architectural Institute in Prague

170 00 Prague 7

N 50° 5' 51.45'', E 50° 5' 51.45''
 Paul DeLave  

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Ing. arch. Regina Loukotová 
Degree programmes
Faculty profile

The college situated in the heart of Europe  offers instruction only in the English language and is truly international, with an emphasis on international students and faculty. The size and focus of the school  suitably complements existing institutions providing architectural education in the Czech Republic, which makes for a broader choice of options for students interested in studying architecture.

The programme of the school is based in studio instruction; other professional courses should relate to it and complement it. Lectures in theory combine with practice-oriented seminars, excursions and workshops – practical instruction is assigned a great weight in the study programme.

ARCHIP  puts students in contact with the practice and helps them understand architecture in its context. The instruction  takes place in Prague and in other parts of the Czech Republic. The size of the school (30 students per year)  allows  a close contact between the faculty and the students during instruction, tutoring and the final evaluation of student works – it is essential for the atmosphere of open communication and creative collaboration at the school.

ARCHIP is a platform for architecture in general, with its own  information, promotion and publication activities. It has its own exhibition space and a professional reference library with a reading room with magazines; it also would like to organise lifelong learning courses and hosts lectures of leading local and international architects. Excursions to visit outstanding local and international architecture is organised throughout the year.

The school keeps in close contact with the professional and lay community, and with other local and international institutions in the field.

ARCHIP’s premises are based in the Kartografie Praha building
in Prague 7, adjacent to the Letná Orchards, close to the city
th th centre. The two buildings from the turn of 19 and 20 centuries
originally housed a printing workshop. Recently renovated, the
premiseshave kept their industrial character – and provide an
inspirational design environment.

45 students (45 Bachelor, 0 Master, 0 PhD), 70% of foreign students.

25 staff members (10 full-time and approx. 15 visiting lecturers and critics).


Computer Room
Exhibition Room
Lecture Room
Modelling room


ARCHIP does not have its own campus or halls of residence. Students may apply for a place in the halls of residence of other universities, ARCHIP also helps to find a private accommodation.

Admission Requirements

All candidates for study of the Bachelor programme at ARCHIP must furnish the following:

A completed online application form, including a proof of completed secondary education (if applicable already) and a recent photo of the candidate. After the application form is received, an automated receipt email will be despatched to the contact email address in which the recipient is prompted to check the given details for accuracy and completeness.

Digital portfolio of works, which will contain  cover (cover page) with the name and contact email of the applicant; essay in English (motivation letter) of 400– 500 words, in which the candidate will introduce himself/herself, his/her orientation and motivation for studying architecture; - image content with brief captions - 15 A3/landscape pages (one project must not take up more than 3 pages): sketches, photographs and other artwork or designs, preferably relevant to the field of architecture.

Tuition fees

2012/13 Tuition fees (per semester): CZK 90,000 (about EUR 3,700)


Application Deadline

31 January 2013

Bachelor, Bc., 3 years, Bachelor, 180,

ARCHIP offers a bachelor study programme in Architecture; in English, with standard length of full time study 3 years.

The  aim of the study is to cultivate a comprehensively educated graduate – competent in the fundamentals of the architectural profession, in the view of all its modern requirements; the graduate is prepared to continue with a Masters course or, alternately, to take up practice.

The  aim of the study is to cultivate a comprehensively educated graduate – competent in the fundamentals of the architectural profession, in the view of all its modern requirements; the graduate is prepared to continue with a Masters course or, alternately, to take up practice.

The instruction is  focused on the acquisition and development of the competence to label and analyse general issues; to approach a specific brief in a professional and creative manner; to design projects – using a broad spectrum of knowledge drawn from humanities and technical sciences – which would meet all the necessary criteria; and present the designs in an artful and skilled manner. The graduate should understand the comprehensive character of the profession and he/she will have a theoretical understanding of all its forms and potential for its application in practice.

The situation of the school in Prague  creates a real opportunity to learn and study the history of architecture and urbanism, and, through this experience, to take in the contemporary issues, which contributes to the school’s mission to fuse theory and practice.

The instruction is organised in a simple and straightforward way; the courses are divided into study years as per a fixed framework and in accordance with the study plan for the baccalaureate study programme. The compulsory subjects form the core part of the study according to the EU directives that require education in the field of architecture to be comprehensive and universal.

The student  spends at least 6 hours per week studying Architectural Design. Studios are opened to students of all years, which creates an opportunity for students of different levels of experience working together on projects. Courses Arts and Crafts and Construction fill another part of the term study and are complementary to the course in Architectural Design. The last part of instruction combines courses in History and Theory of Art and Architecture, Town Planning and Landscape Design, and additional fields as Philosophy, Sociology, Ecology etc., as well as complementary courses such as Project Presentation and Professional English.

Lectures are allocated to courses in a given scope – the same for all students of the same year of study, while studios and seminars are designed for smaller groups of students (up to 20) and focus on a dialogue, debate and argumentation. Standard week hour load is 24-26 hours and the duration of one teaching hour is 45 minutes.