Presidents Message, July 19, 2017

EAAE communication

The EAAE/AEEA is proud to launch our new website. Although it is not long ago since our former website was presented in 2014, a new version was needed. Mostly because the EAAE is more and more turning into a hub where the European Schools of Architecture exchange information and debate architectural education.

The schools need to present themselves and their programs, the EAAE academies distribute information about research and education, the website should be a medium for calls for cooperation and for posting positions in the schools, and the web page has to be a tool for communication between the EAAE and the membership.

I thank Council member Dalibor Hlaváček for heading the work with the new Web, Inge Lens and Emma Boelen in Hasselt for taking care of EAAE organisational and technical interests, and last but not least Ivan Cabrera for developing and handling our web heroically in the period from 2013 to 2017!

In a few months, we will meet at the EAAE Conference and General Assembly in Bordeaux. At that time the Council will sum up the achievements we have made since 2013 and the challenges the organisation is confronting.


Oslo, 19th of July 2017
Karl Otto Ellefsen
EAAE President