Presidents Message, August 19, 2022

EAAE Annual Conference and General Assembly in Madrid, 31.08-02.09.2022

We are happy to announce that the full program for the EAAE Annual Conference and General Assembly is online and that all speakers have confirmed.


EAAE Annual Conference 31.08.-02.09.2022:

This year, there will be a special panel discussion on 01.09.2022 among the presidents and representatives of  ACEUIAACSAENACA, MIESBCN and EAAE on the topic of The Future of the Architects’ Profession.

The Education Academy will be launching a new ‘Awards in Pedagogy’ to support excellence in teaching and learning. The aim of the awards is to promote innovation in teaching and to share good practice.
Besides, a proposal for a new series of workshops ‘Teaching the Teachers’, a Training Academy to support those in Architectural Education, will be presented. These modules will be organised and run in a collaborative manner across a number of EAAE schools. More information will be given at the Conference and the General Assembly. Are you already interested to be part of the organisation of this Training Academy? Please e-mail Patrick Flynn from the Education Academy.

Ten years ago the EAAE has published a seminal document  „Research Charter“, which has been for several institutions and actions a major reference in matters of research. Under the lead of the EAAE Research Academy through several workshops, this document has been updated. It is published under this link and will be presented for approval during the General Assembly.

Please note that there has been a change in the post-conference program: for Saturday 03.09.2022 we have planned a free trip to the crown jewel of Spanish architecture: the historic palace and monastery of El Escorial, in Madrid.


EAAE General Assembly 02.09.2022, 4pm:

Registration for the General Assembly is for members only and mandatory for every participant (online and onsite). We kindly remind you to check the membership status of your institution.

Please find the agenda here.