Presidents Message, October 24, 2019

Call for host: Annual Conference and General Assembly 2021

Dear Colleagues,

The deadline to apply as host for the EAAE Annual Conference and General Assembly in 2021 has expired.

The next EAAE event is a workshop of the Education Academy on 29.–30. November 2019 in Prague. During the workshop session of the Education Academy at the Annual Conference in Zagreb, several ideas have been presented and discussed about the initiative to map and facilitate training for studio teachers, the so-called “Teaching the Teachers” project. If you are interested in this initiative and willing to actively contribute, or if you have any useful information to share about this initiative, please express your interest through this link.

The planning for next year’s EAAE events is in full swing:

  • The first Deans Summit is starting to take shape. It will take place from 23.–25. April 2020 hosted by AHO in Oslo. Information on the program is online.
  • Also the preparations for the EAAE-ARCC International Research Conference from 10.–13. June 2020 in Valencia are on target.
  • Also save the date for our Annual Conference and General Assembly to be held at CTU in Prague from 26.–29. August 2020.
Best regards,
Oya Atalay Franck
President EAAE