GENERAL ASSEMBLY by: EAAE. Published: January 18, 2024.

Special General Meeting – vote the Statutes – Minutes Online

As communicated at the General Assembly on September 1st in Turin, all non-profit organisations are obliged to update their Statutes before 01.01.2024 in accordance with the Companies and Associations Code (from 01.05.2019). Consequently, the Statutes of EAAE have been adjusted in both English and Dutch.
We didn’t reach the required quorum for changing the Statutes (2/3rd of the total full members) during our
General Meeting in Turin.
Therefore, we invited our members to a Special General Meeting on Wednesday 22.11.2023, 2.30 (CET), online, to vote the Statutes.
Those who could not join the Special Meeting, could vote in advance until 19.11.2023 (12 pm) via a Google form.
According to the Belgian Law, the Special General Meeting can decide regardless of the number of members present or represented.
Members were invited and informed by e-mail on 26.09.2023. They received the changes to the statutes in Dutch and English. 22.11.2023, Online


1. Welcome
2. Explanations and voting
3. Farewell


November 22, 2023