COUNCIL MEETING by: EAAE. Published: November 16, 2020.

EAAE Council Meeting (online) – Minutes online

Wednesday, 4 November 2020
15.00–16.00, online

1. Apologies – info
2. Minutes of the previous meeting (all) – decide B
3. Update Covid-situation at schools
4. Finances and new memberships (DB/CM) – info/discuss/decide
5. Call for hosting the AC/GA 2022 / revision of existing guidelines (JPX*/RC/DH/MRC) – discuss/decide
6. AC/GA 2021: state of affairs / “plan B” (DH*) – info/discuss/decide
7. Revision of the statutes (CM*/JdW/DH/SS) – info/discuss
8. Management Erasmus+: Guideline for supporting project applications and membership policy and project partnerships (JPX*/JdW/RC/TZ/CM) – info/discuss/decide
9. Statement on Racial Injustice (ACSA) (SS*/IV/JDW) – info
10. Update on events (IV/OAF/HH/DH/TZ/JdW) – info/discuss/decide
11. Varia
ACE / Call for a New European Bauhaus – EU Commission President’s State of the Union speech (OAF)
12. Next meetings

Pending matters (to be discussed at a later date)
1. Special Project – Revision/Redesign Website (DB/CM, communication group (DH/RC/TZ/MRC)
a. Technical Update
b. Systems of Invoicing / Communication Newsletter / Membership management
c. Repository previous ACs
d. Branding and Design
e. Social Media
f. Online Publications
2. Jean Monnet and other means for EU project support (IV/CM/all)
3. Membership categories and benefits document and application form (SS/DB/CM)
4. State of the publication conference books – Porto etc. (communication group RC/TZ/MRC)
5. Membership lists: updates/acquisition per country (all)
6. RA and EA EAAE events: Exchange opportunities with partner organisations (JDW/MRC/TZ)
7. Guidelines/process for future ACSA Teachers Conferences (JDW) and for ARCC Research Conferences (IV)
8. Preparation Elections (IV/CM)
9. VELUX –further collaboration (OAF)
10. Educator’s and PhD awards (all)

Winterthur, 202001020/oaf



EAAE Council Meeting (online) - Minutes online

Minutes EAAE Council Meeting Online 04.11.2020


November 4, 2020